Level 2 Backup: Portable or Plugged in at Home

Store between 3.9 and 8 kWh with a Yeti and Tanks.

Bring on-demand power with you, or use it at home.

Different charging ports on the Yeti battery to diversify application.

Portable solar panel for easy recharge when the grid is down or far away.

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Battery Backup Level 2: Increased Capacity

Go Solar Group New Battery Backup

Homeowners that experience long outages or have larger energy needs should consider this battery backup option. This is accomplished with a Goal Zero's Yeti battery and Yeti Tanks.

The Yeti 1400 charges essentials for 1/2 a day to 1 day. The Yeti 3000 can keep necessities charged between 1 and 2 days. Crucial items might include a fridge/freezer (225 W), a garage door opener (400 W), a couple of outlets (to charge smaller devices) and some lights (15-100 W per bulb).

Because the Yeti 3000 is heavier, it comes with a retractable roll cart. Each battery also has 10 ports; allowing devices to plug directly into the battery.

Both are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They provide on-demand power, are easy to use, have no fumes and are silent. You can charge them with a wall charger or a solar panel.


The Boulder 200 increases battery charging options. Whether at home or in the wilderness, the Boulder 200 will charge your battery.

The Boulder 200 can produce up to 200 watts an hour. It can charge the Yeti 1400 in 14-28 hrs and the Yeti 3000 in 30 to 60 hrs. Just set it up in the sun, and enjoy the day while the Boulder 200 charges your battery for later use.

Go Solar Group New Battery Backup

This level expands energy storage with the Goal Zero Yeti Link and Tanks. The Link is plugged into the lithium-ion Yeti allowing it to connect to, lead-acid batteries, the Yeti Tank Expansion Batteries.

Each Tank provides 1,250 extra watt-hours (1.2 kWh) of energy to the Yeti. This is equivalent to 12 hrs of light from a 100 watt light bulb. Adding Tanks to the Yeti allows customers to meet larger energy needs.

Go Solar Group's level 2 battery backup option allows customers to add up to 4 Tanks to their Yeti. That's an extra 5,000 watts of power (5 kWh).

5 kWh can go a long way. With it, you can run more devices or power essentials for longer.

With it, you could run the dryer (2,790 W), washer (255 W) and dishwasher (330 W). Or you could cook a meal in your electric oven (3,000-5,000 W) or on your electric stove (3,000 W).

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