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Reno nv solar power - why GSG is the best

Nevada has seen Go Solar Group rise to the top. Because Nevada’s market is dominated by well-known solar brands, smaller solar companies don’t have it easy. Go Solar Group has been in Nevada since 2017 and already shines above the rest.

Reno Solar Backup Options for Every Customer

One of the main reasons Go Solar Group stands out is our emphasis on solar backup. Battery backup is expensive and not an option for most people right now. However, this hasn’t stopped Go Solar Group From finding affordable solutions. 

Our goal is to help people become energy-independent. We offer different levels of solar backup that allow customers with varying needs to have power when the grid goes down.

Solar Generator

If you need emergency power at night, Go Solar Group offers the Goal Zero Yeti, a portable solar generator that can charge in your home. This generator can hold several hours of power with 11 ports. If you get a home integration kit, this generator can power up to four circuits in your home.

Battery Backup

 If you want a home battery, we offer the Tesla Powerwall. Tesla has designed a battery backup that will power your entire home. 

All our systems are compatible with battery backup. Whether you want battery backup today or a couple of years down the road, we can help.

Go Solar Group Offers Quality Customer Service

Go Solar Group makes sure each customer has a stress-free experience. Deciding on a solar company is hard enough. We want your solar installation to be smooth from start to finish.

Knowledgeable Solar Consultants

Unlike most, we are here to give you the facts and let you decide. We feel that the facts speak for themselves. We aren’t here to pressure you into a sale; we are here to educate. 

All our Reno solar consultants are familiar with solar. They are there to help answer your questions.

Stress-Free Paperwork

Once you have decided that you are ready to buy, paperwork is the next step. There is paperwork for everything. We complete the paperwork from loan qualification and net metering approval to permitting.

Don’t sweat it; Go Solar Group has your back. We have completed solar installs since 2009. We are ready to help you with your Nevada install. Take a seat, and we will let you know where you need to sign.

Continued Service After Install

Many solar customers have issues with solar companies after service. However, Go Solar Group strives to be different. If your solar panels need servicing, call us, and we will help you. If you need your panels removed so you can re-shingle the roof, we will uninstall them for you at $50 bucks per panel – a better deal than most in the Reno Nevada area can offer.

Go Solar Group Has Products You Can Trust

We go out of our way to make sure our products combine affordability with top-of-the-line. Our preferred solar panels and inverters are German-engineered.

We trust German-engineered equipment because it has withstood the test of time. New technology claims higher efficiency almost every day. This equipment, however, hasn’t had the time to test its mettle yet.

Solar Panels: Brand and Warranty

Go Solar Group uses Axitec Monocrystalline Panels. These black solar panels are sleek and blend well with asphalt roofs. These modules will convert up to 17.83 percent of the sunlight that hits them. 

Axitec panels can withstand extreme weather conditions. They have a performance guarantee of 90 percent product over 15 years and 85 percent over 25 years. Axitec also has a 15-year manufacturer warranty.

Installation Types

We can install solar on almost any roof. We have had experience installing ground, pole, rooftop, and ballasted mounts.

Go Solar Group’s Inverter of Choice

Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge inverters. These inverters combine string and microinverter technology with the addition of power optimizers, allowing homes with less than optimal sun exposure to still benefit.

New to Reno But Not to Solar: We Work Harder

We may be new to Reno, but we aren’t new to solar. We realize that to make solar worth investing in, it takes a lot of work on our end. We strive to be the reputable and environmentally conscious company you can trust.

Integrity in the Business World

We stand out in the competition because of our honesty. If we don’t think solar is going to benefit you, we will let you know. We also don’t purposely call people back after being asked to stop.

We want to respect you and your time. If you tell us when would be the best time to call, we will only call at that time.

Work Ethic

As a company, we work hard to make sure your Reno solar experience is superior. We are here to answer your questions and resolve your concerns. 

If you would like to see what Go Solar Group has to offer, you can fill out our quick survey. After filling out this form, we will contact you to set up your free customized proposal.


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