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Nevada Solar Company Comparisons
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Solar City Competitor Review

When looking for the best solar company for your home, it pays to be picky. Choosing the right solar installer can save money and time. For the most informed decision, let’s first take a closer look at SolarCity’s background. 

SolarCity is a nationwide solar energy company founded in California in 2006 by Elon Musk’s cousins. The company began expanding throughout the next ten years. 

It acquired several solar companies on the East Coast, giving it further reach. However, financial difficulties in 2015 eventually led to the company’s acquisition by Tesla in 2016

Product Offerings

Both SolarCity and Go Solar Group offer potential solar products for different home types. Let’s consider how these products compare to each other.

Solar City Solar Panel Types

Under the umbrella of Tesla, SolarCity offers both solar shingles and solar panels. The roof design of its shingles provides a sleek and attractive look. However, the average homeowner may not find them cost-effective

Installing these shingles on an existing home requires a complete roof overhaul – an unnecessary expense for many homeowners. A solar panel installation costs, on average, $11,000 less than a Solar Roof.  While not recommended for most, adding solar shingles during new construction or a planned reroofing avoids extra costs.

Originally, Tesla manufactured SolarCity solar panels in conjunction with Panasonic. Now SolarCity mainly uses the Hanwha QPeak Duo Black solar panel. These solar panels have efficiency ratings up to 19.5 percent and come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year 83 percent linear performance guarantee.

Go Solar Group Solar Panel Options

The Axitec AC-315MH/120SB panels have become Go Solar Group’s solar panel of choice. With an 18.96 percent efficiency rating, the Axitec panel compares favorably to the Hanwha panels. This solar panel comes with a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year production warranty, covering 90 percent of power output over the first 15 years and 85 percent for the following ten years. 

Additionally, Go Solar Group provides premium solar panel options produced by LG, Solaria and Silfab. The higher efficiency of these modules makes them perfect for homes with limited space.

Battery Backup

Both SolarCity and Go Solar Group offer the Tesla Powerwall. This powerful battery allows homeowners to store their excess electricity instead of selling energy back to the grid through net metering. 

However, not every customer wants or needs a Tesla Powerwall. For these customers, Go Solar Group offers two levels of battery backup. Both backup options include portable batteries, perfect for moving around your home or yard.

Level 1 provides two battery options: the Yeti 1500x or the Yeti 3000. The Yeti 1500x can charge essential devices for up to one full day, whereas the Yeti 3000 can power the same appliances for up to two days. These batteries work well in homes because they’re fumeless and can power appliances through multiple ports on the battery. 

Level 2 utilizes the same base batteries – the Yeti 1500x or Yeti 3000 – but offers additional storage tanks. Using the Yeti Goal Zero Link and Tanks, you can add four extra storage tanks for a total of 5,000 extra watts of power. This option works well for homes with larger emergency energy needs.

SolarCity Financing vs. Go Solar Group Payment Program

SolarCity utilizes a solar subscription service. For no money down, SolarCity installs a system on the home. However, these costs get bundled into a monthly fee over a set number of years, and you won’t own the solar panels. 

If the rental agreement doesn’t suit you or you need to downsize the array, SolarCity will charge $1500. Additionally, this financing option does not include battery backup.

SolarCity also offers loans and cash purchases. These put the ownership of the array (and potential battery backup) into the homeowner’s hands. 

Go Solar Group offers cash and loan payment programs. We offer ten percent off if purchased with cash with a 5-7 year payoff. Additionally, Go Solar Group provides loans with as little as 2.99 percent financing – perfect for crafting a payment plan that stays within the budget. All of our payment programs put the ownership of the array in your hands.

Customer Service

While a quality company should offer a product worth purchasing, customer service often says more about the company. Customers may love a product but choose to get it from somewhere else if customer service isn’t up to par. Two customer service areas to consider include the company’s referral program and its pre and post-installation protocol.

Customer Referral Programs

Referral programs show the customer how much the company values them. Friends and family who use a SolarCity customer’s solar referral code can collect $100. The referrer receives $400 for each successful installation. After referring ten customers, the referrer can qualify for a free Tesla Powerwall. 

Go Solar Group offers all referrers $500 for every referral who installs solar. You can help your friends and family reduce their pollution and become more sustainable while simultaneously putting cash towards your payment plan through our Sun Share Club. If you aren’t our customer but know someone you think would benefit from our services, you can earn through our Sun Split Club.  

Pre and Post Install Company Expectations

The installation and post-installation experience comes down to customer service. While everyone occasionally drops the ball, those who have a quality solar experience usually report that the company kept them well informed on the installation process.

Unfortunately, SolarCity’s customer satisfaction track record isn’t the most positive. SolarCity consumer reviews report long wait times (sometimes up to four months or longer), non-responsive communications, and high service fees. SolarCity customers on the Reddit forum report having to call multiple times to get a response.

At Go Solar Group, we pride ourselves on our stellar customer reviews. We have a perfect 5/5 on Facebook and an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. We offer quality technology and excellent rates while striving to achieve a superb customer experience. 


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