Nevada Competitor Comparison: Simple Power Solar

Nevada Solar Company Comparisons
Simple Power Solar Nevada Competitor Comparison

Nevada homeowners looking for a solar company have a lot of possible choices. Finding the perfect fit can be challenging. Go Solar Group has simplified the process by creating competitor comparisons

These company overviews help customers determine which solar companies can meet their needs. Our comparisons enable busy homeowners to spend less time setting up unnecessary quotes and more time examining companies that are a good fit.

To aid decision-making, this post examines installation options, solar products and extra customer perks offered by two Nevada solar companies, Go Solar Group and Simple Power Solar.

Considering Company Installation Options

Solar companies offer a wide variety of installation types. It’s important to choose a company that has both experience and expertise with the type of installation that is best for your home.

Go Solar Group Installations

Go Solar Group specializes in residential solar arrays, typically installing grid-tied systems with either a ground mount or the more common rooftop installation. Go Solar Group also has experience with pole mounts, off-grid systems, and commercial projects.

Simple Power Solar Installation Types

Simple Power Solar installs both residential and commercial solar projects. The company’s social media pages and website show a variety of solar installation types, including pole mounts, ground mounts, off-grid systems, and a variety of rooftop-mounted arrays. 

Company Solar Product Comparisons

The solar market offers an abundance of products and brands, including various solar panel technology options. A homeowner who prizes a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design may want to find a solar company that installs solar shingles or an in-roof installation with black-on-black monocrystalline solar panels. However, customers who want solar power for their RV may want portable solar panels. 

A high priority for most homeowners is saving on electric bills. Unless the customer has unlimited roof space, monocrystalline solar panels typically provide the most bang for the buck, meeting homeowners’ energy needs efficiently and well.

Comparing Solar Panels

Go Solar Group has a range of solar panel options. These options include LG, Silfab and Q CELL panels. These options ensure that its installers can meet each customer’s unique needs.

Simple Solar Power doesn’t cite a preferred solar panel brand on its website. While offering many choices of solar panels enables customization of installations, customers also can benefit from lower prices when solar companies purchase a preferred panel at a bulk discount.

Different Inverter Choices

Solar homeowners have fewer options when selecting an inverter, which converts the DC power generated by a solar array into the AC power used in homes. Solar inverters are typically one of three types — a string inverter, micro-inverter, or optimized string inverter. String inverters are the simplest and lowest cost option. They collect all the DC power from a solar array and convert it to AC power at a central location. However, string inverters limit the production of the entire array to the level of the worst-performing panel. Micro-inverters plant an inverter on the back of each solar panel, preventing shaded panels from reducing the performance of other panels. These inverters are costly and harder to maintain, however.

Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge optimized string inverters, which offer the best of both worlds. These inverters have power optimizers attached to each solar panel, which track each panel’s power before sending it along to a central inverter. This keeps any power loss from partial shade from reducing the output of the entire array. These inverters are more efficient, and also give installers more flexibility in designing an array. 

Solar Storage Options

Solar storage allows homeowners to store excess solar power and use it when needed, rather than relying on the grid. Customers can benefit from a growing number of battery backup options, and from significant declines in prices as well.

Go Solar Group is a licensed dealer and installer of the Tesla Powerwall, the industry leader and the company’s home battery of choice. Go Solar Group also offers smaller battery backup options for homeowners with differing needs for smaller, portable or lower-cost options.  

Simple Solar Power also offers the Tesla Powerwall. Homeowners interested in Tesla’s popular home battery could consider either of these competitors.

A Few Extra Perks to Consider

The extra perks and services offered by a solar company can make choosing between two well-matched options easier. Go Solar Group’s values and services are worth noting. 

Go Solar Group’s Humanitarian Work

One of the things that set Go Solar Group apart is the story of its founding. Go Solar Group and a non-profit it supports, 1heart1mind, have intertwined origins, deeply rooted in the owners’ devotion to service. The founders of Go Solar Group created the company to bring sustainable solar-power solutions to Ugandans, in the form of clean energy and education.

A portion of the revenue from every Go Solar Group installation goes toward micro-financing revolving loans in Uganda. These loans help community members install solar arrays and share them with their friends and family, eliminating the need for kerosene lamps and providing clean reading lights for kids at a lower price. 1heart1mind has also, with Go Solar Group’s help, built a solar-powered boarding school for Ugandan children, with clean reading light, teachers and a headmaster.

Go Solar Group’s Referral Programs

Many solar companies reward customers for referring friends and acquaintances. Few have referral programs that benefit both customers and non-customers, as Go Solar Group does. Through its SunShare program, Go Solar Group pays $500 for each referral that results in a solar installation, with no limit to the number of referrals a person can submit.

Go Solar Group understands that solar power isn’t a good fit for everyone. However, individuals can qualify for a cash reward even if they don’t become customers themselves. Go Solar Group offers incentives to any fan who helps spread the word about its services. 


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