Nevada Competitor Comparison: Intermountain Wind & Solar

Nevada Competitor Comparison: Intermountain Wind & Solar

Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS) has several locations. However, this Go Solar Group competitor comparison is for Nevada.

Comparing solar companies can seem like a Herculean task, and that’s why we’ve put this comparison together. We want to make choosing the right solar company for your home as easy as possible.

Comparing these Solar Company’s Services

Products matter, but services are often what sets different solar companies apart. The services provided can improve the customer’s overall solar experience significantly. Even if they cost more, additional solar services can make paying extra money worthwhile.

When considering solar panels for your home, make sure you qualify for installation from the companies you’ve shortlisted. Everybody wants solar, but not everybody qualifies for it, and the qualification standards can range from building type to credit scores and taxable income, to name a few.

Financing a Residental Solar Array

As a big-ticket item, those who are interested in solar will want to make sure they qualify for financing programs offered by competing companies if they are not going to pay cash for their installation. While this is a key component of getting the right bid, both Intermountain Wind & Solar and Go Solar Group have very similar financing options for homeowners.

Product Suite Comparison

While the idea behind photovoltaic solar is the same, the components have differences. The type of products offered can make a difference in the cost and quality of the solar array, including the ROI these solar arrays generate.

A cheap solar array may not last as long. However, the most expensive system isn’t always the best option either. As is the case with any purchase, knowing the product selection helps prospects make the decision that works best for them.

Battery Backup Options

Due to NEC 2017, changes to rapid shutdown requirements, battery backup has become the only way for a solar home to continue working during an outage if the sun isn’t shining. If adding battery backup isn’t in the cards right now, make sure that the solar array works with solar batteries, and the solar installer offers the battery of choice.  

Go Solar Group’s Battery Backup Levels

Go Solar Group has three levels of battery backup. The first two are battery backup packages featuring Goal Zero products. The third level is the Tesla Powerwall 2

Battery Backup at Intermountain Wind and Solar

IWS offers the Tesla Powerwall as well. In the past, IWS has installed the Sonnen home battery, but the website doesn’t state whether the Powerwall has replaced it.

Solar Panels

The type and quality of solar panels influence how much electricity they will produce. While solar panels with average wattage ratings often provide the most value per dollar, homes that have limited space require residential solar panels with higher wattage ratings. 

Go Solar Group’s Preferred Solar Panel 

Go Solar Group has a selection of high-end solar panels. These solar panels are either LG, Q CELLS, or Silfab. 

Solar Panel Selection at Intermountain Wind and Solar

IWS buys its solar panels in bulk, so they can offer a lower price to their customer. According to the website SolarReviews, IWS offers solar panels from the following brands:

  • SunPower
  • Panasonic
  • REC
  • Silfab
  • Canadian Solar

Inverter Brands

Inverters change the direct current generated by solar panels into the alternating current used in homes. The market has several different inverter types. Which inverter to use, depends on the available unshaded space and priorities of the homeowner. 

Go Solar Group’s Residential Inverter

Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge inverters for its residential installations. The SolarEdge brand relies on optimized string inverters. 

IWS’s Inverter Brands

IWS uses several different inverters. Their inverter selection includes the SMA (string inverter), SolarEdge (optimized string inverter), and Enphase (microinverter). They also use Outback and SolarBridge inverters.

Extras: A Perk-by-Perk Comparison

Sometimes solar companies have extra perks that make using them a little more appealing than others. While these often aren’t deal-breakers, they oftentimes push prospects into the customer phase in scenarios that would otherwise be a toss-up.

Paying Solar Forward

One of Go Solar Group’s value-adding points in comparison to IWS is its humanitarian efforts. The owners at Go Solar Group started this company so they would have the means to help others. Go Solar Group does this by microfinancing solar solutions in Uganda villages and contributing to boarding schools with clean reading lights through the non-profit 1heart1mind.  

Referral Incentives & Promotions

At Go Solar Group, we have referral programs that reward both customers and non-customers for spreading the word about our business. If the person who is referred to us installs with our company, the person who referred them receives $500, with an unlimited number of referrals from which they can submit and earn.

Go Solar Group’s 2020 Tesla Powerwall Promotion

Go Solar Group is running a Tesla Powerwall Sweepstakes until January 5, 2024, which gives those who enter the sweepstakes a chance to win a Tesla Powerwall 2, including the cost of installation if they install a solar system through Go Solar Group. The Official Rules for this promotion are outlined here.

IWS Tesla Powerwall Referral Program  

IWS doesn’t have a solar referral program. However, they do run periodic Powerwall sweepstakes. To enter the IWS sweepstakes, each person needs to schedule and sit for an appointment. Each person who is referred to their Powerwall giveaway and sits through an appointment enters them and their referrer’s name into the drawing for a chance of winning the Powerwall.


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