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Nevada Solar Company Comparisons
Reno Nevada Competitor Comparison: Great Basin Solar

Nevada homeowners searching online for the best solar company have a confusing collection of options. Two experienced, well-established companies are likely to emerge from the pack: Go Solar Group and Great Basin Solar. To make deciding easier for Reno’s solar-curious people, we have crafted a comparison between Go Solar Group and Great Basin Solar.

Educating Nevada Homeowners About Solar

Both companies show a willingness to help educate homeowners. Go Solar Group believes that customers paying thousands of dollars for a major home installation deserve as much information as possible. Our blog serves that purpose, striving to give homeowners all the product and technical information they need to maximize the ROI of their solar array over its 25-to 40-year lifespan. Great Basin Solar’s website provides a step-by-step explanation of what homeowners should expect during the installation process, including help from the company with permits, inspections, and interconnecting with the power grid.

Comparing Solar Panels

While solar power packages contain several components, solar panels control how much solar energy the array will produce. Comparing the solar panel options is essential to ensure you get the best system for your specific situation. The solar panel that works best for you may not work out for your neighbors!

Go Solar Group’s Solar Panels

Most solar panels range between 15 and 20 percent efficiency, with premium solar panels reaching 23 percent. Go Solar Group offers premium solar panels from LG, Silfab and Q CELLS. Go Solar Group offers several solar panel brands to help customers balance price with quality.

Great Basin Solar Panel Options

Unfortunately, Great Basin Solar’s website doesn’t show its solar panel options. However, according to EnergySage, Great Basin Solar is an authorized SunPower dealer, and SolarReviews states that the company uses Q Cells, LG, SolarWorld and SunPower branded solar panels.


Optimal solar panel performance requires a good inverter. Solar panels start the process, but they aren’t the only component; a quality inverter will maximize the system’s power.

A quality inverter will convert the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panels to an alternating current (AC) with minimal energy loss. Nothing in the house could use the electricity the solar panels generated without an inverter.

Great Basin’s Inverters: Plenty of Variety

Like their solar panel selection, Great Basin Solar does not make their choice of inverters public. However, according to SolarReviews, Great Basin Solar uses SMA, Enphase, Solectria Renewables, OutBack Power, and SolarEdge. The solar market has two main inverter types. These include string and microinverters; both have their pros and cons. Determining the best inverter type for your situation makes choosing an inverter easier.

Why Go Solar Group Uses SolarEdge Inverters

While we’ve used SMA in the past and trust the brand, Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge inverters exclusively for multiple reasons. First, SolarEdge inverters have a wide range, meaning they work on small and large kilowatt systems. Solar homeowners will almost certainly only ever use one inverter if they use SolarEdge. Secondly, SolarEdge inverters have higher efficiency ratings than other models currently in use. SolarEdge inverters are up to 50 percent more efficient than industry standard inverters, meaning more electricity goes into the home. Finally, SolarEdge inverters come with a quality warranty. SolarEdge’s 12-year warranty lasts two years longer than the industry standard and can extend to 20 or 25 years.

Battery Backup Options

While solar homes don’t need a solar battery to function, solar storage plays a significant role in emergency preparedness and grid independence. Without a good battery backup, your home still relies on the grid for electricity at night and during poor weather. During a blackout, solar homes with battery backup have electricity even when the neighborhood doesn’t.

Battery Backup Through Great Basin

Again, Great Basin Solar doesn’t disclose its battery backup options on its website. However, SolarReviews states Great Basin uses Sonnen and LG Chem home batteries.

Go Solar Group’s Battery Backup Spread

Go Solar Group installs the Tesla Powerwall 2 for those interested in a home battery. A Tesla Powerwall allows homes to continue functioning in down periods. This battery integrates with the breaker, seamlessly taking over during an outage. However, not everyone wants a home battery.

For those who only want emergency power, Go Solar Group offers two Goal Zero Yeti battery packages. These solar batteries come equipped with several ports, allowing devices to plug directly into the battery during power outages. Go Solar Group also offers two additional, less expensive battery backup options for those who want to keep the lights on during a power outage or other emergency, or simply make their solar battery backup portable. Goal Zero’s Yeti 1500 can power an average fridge for about 28 hours, and its Yeti 3000 can store about twice as much power, making it great for camping. Great Basin Solar makes no mention online of battery backup of any kind, but the industry website says it offers LG Chem and Sonnen home battery brands.

The “Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer” Credential

Tesla, Inc. maintains a list of organizations certified to install the Powerwall. While Go Solar Group is certified with Tesla, Great Basin Solar is not. Those who want a Tesla Powerwall should consider this. While other home batteries on the market will work, Tesla Powerwall batteries remain the most efficient and cost-effective option. Because of this, finding a Tesla Powerwall certified installer is a must for those who want a home battery.

Earning Back Solar Costs: Company Programs

The services a solar company offers can make a big difference in a homeowner’s overall experience. Under Go Solar Group’s SunShare Customer Referral Program, customers can earn back part of their costs by paying individuals $500 for each referral who buys a solar array from the company the customer refers, as long as all the referrals are eligible to install, qualify, and choose to install with us. There’s no limit to the number of referrals an individual can make, and people don’t have to be customers to earn cash for referrals, either, with the SunSplit Solar Referral Program we offer for non-customers.

Solar Company Certifications

Nobody wants shoddy work, especially when it involves electrical wiring! Making sure that your Nevada local solar installer is certified ensures a quality installation.

Go Solar Group’s Transition to Titan Solar Power

Go Solar Group has proudly kept themselves North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified for years. Now Go Solar Group has partnered with Titan Solar Power, a well-known and highly regarded national solar installation company.

Great Basin Solar NABCEP-Certified Employees

Great Basin Solar’s staff members have 35 years of combined experience, the company says. Go Solar Group has been installing solar arrays in the Western U.S. and overseas since 2009. Both companies have positive customer reviews and key team members who have earned coveted certifications from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The PV installer certification from this certifying body is the industry’s gold standard for expertise and integrity in residential solar installations.

Giving the Benefits of Solar to Nevadans

Go Solar Group is unique in offering customers a chance to participate, free of charge, in its charitable clean-energy programs overseas. The company’s founders started the business in 2009 after a service mission in Africa, as a humanitarian effort. For every solar array installed in the U.S., Go Solar Group micro-finances an equivalent system for a family in Uganda.

With the company’s help,, Go Solar Group’s nonprofit partner, has installed high-quality solar products in 5,300 households in Uganda, sharply reducing the use of dirty, hazardous kerosene lanterns and expanding children’s after-dark study time by 3 million hours. The partnership also has financed a solar-powered boarding school for Ugandan children, including clean study light, a headmaster, and teachers. Customers can enjoy knowing that by working with Go Solar Group, they aren’t just improving their own quality of life and reducing their carbon footprint — they’re helping a Ugandan family do the same.


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