Nevada Competitor Comparison: Blue Raven Solar

Nevada Competitor Comparison: Blue Raven Solar

Every solar company has pros and cons. While going through them can become a daunting task, having the facts makes the decision easier. Both Blue Raven Solar and Go Solar Group service Nevada locations.

Blue Raven Solar has many positive customer reviews. However, just because the company has positive reviews doesn’t mean it will have what you need as a solar installer. Let’s see how their products and services compare to Go Solar Group’s products.

Comparing the Basic Components of a Solar Array

Solar arrays have three core components to compare: Solar panels, the inverter, and battery backup. Each of these components plays a significant role in the overall performance and durability of the array. 

When deciding on a solar company, homeowners need to examine the products offered and determine whether they will meet the home’s needs. Customers who consider solar company products purchase high-quality systems at a competitive price.

Solar Panels Comparison

Because of how solar panels work, they act as the engine of a solar array. They convert light from the sun into electricity so we can power our homes. When comparing solar panels, it’s imperative to look at the wattage, efficiency, and solar panel type.

Blue Raven’s Solar Panels

Blue Raven Solar’s website doesn’t specify which solar panel brands they use. However, according to solar reviews, Blue Raven uses Solar World, Hyundai, Axitec, Canadian Solar and Trina. 

Go Solar Group’s Preferred and Premium Solar Panels

At Go Solar Group, we use monocrystalline panels. Our solar panel selection includes LG, Silfab and Q CELL solar panels.

Inverters Comparison

Inverters convert the direct current produced by solar panels to alternating current, making the extracted solar energy available within most homes. Without a quality inverter, solar panels wouldn’t do much good.

Blue Raven Solar’s Preferred Inverter

Blue Raven Solar uses the Enphase inverter. This microinverter uses several small inverters attached to each solar panel instead of one inverter at ground level. These inverters help decrease the impact of shade on a PV system’s production.

Go Solar Group’s Preferred Inverter

Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge, a power-optimized string inverter. Since it’s a string inverter, only one inverter is installed at the ground level, making it easier to troubleshoot potential problems. However, unlike traditional string inverters, power optimizers attach to the back of each solar panel to mitigate the impact of shade on the array.

Battery Backup Comparison

In the twentieth century, power continuity has become increasingly important: Especially with the recent influx of remote work that COVID-19 has created. While solar arrays generate power, they don’t store or produce electricity at night. 

For the most part, utilities that offer net metering resolve this issue. However, when the power grid goes down, only those with energy storage, like battery backup, are safe.

Battery Backup at Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven doesn’t currently offer battery backup. However, it does plan on adding battery backup options to its products in the future.

Go Solar Group Battery Backup Options

At Go Solar Group, we believe that every solar home needs energy storage. We offer a variety of battery backup options. 

Go Solar Group offers emergency battery backup packages from Goal Zero that can store between 1.4 and 8 kilowatts. We also offer Tesla’s Powerwall 2 home battery, which stores up to 13.5 kWh per battery.

Additional Features to Compare

Every homeowner considering solar should determine the quality of solar array components first. However, solar companies may also offer additional products and services that may influence the decision.

Both Blue Raven Solar and Go Solar Group offer solar+ products and pay-it-forward programs. These features distinguish each company from competitors and sweeten the deal for their customers.

Solar Plus Products

Some solar companies offer additional energy-saving products with solar arrays. These solar-plus products pair well because they allow homeowners to save even more on electricity.

Light Bulbs and the Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Blue Raven solar offers up to 20 LED light bulbs and an Ecobee 4 with each array sold. Together these devices help homeowners save on electricity.

Go Solar Group and the Nest Thermostat

Go Solar Group offers the Nest E smart thermostat to its customers. While a great addition to any home, solar homes have the potential to benefit the most from these devices.

Paying Solar Forward

It’s also important to consider the positive impact the solar company has beyond its immediate customer base. Both Blue Raven Solar and Go Solar Group strive to help others through their humanitarian programs.

Blue Raven’s Paying Solar Forward Programs

Blue Raven supports the non-profit GivePower by donating $20 for every solar array they install. This money helps fund clean water projects around the world.

Go Solar Group and 1heart1mind

Go Solar Group donates a portion of each install to 1heart1mind. These donation funds revolve around microloans in Uganda. These loans help Ugandans afford solar lights: offering a sustainable source of light and improved education. Go Solar Group came along after its non-profit counterpart to help it continue to give back, which sets Go Solar Group’s humanitarian efforts apart from the rest of the competition.

Factors That Influence the Price of Solar

Several factors influence the price of solar. However, among these factors, financing options and referral programs stand out for these two companies.

Financing Solar with Payment Programs

The solar payment program can either make or break a deal. Many solar companies offer lease and PPA (power purchase agreement) options. 

These programs often provide lower monthly payments. However, the long-term savings and sellability of the home decrease when the homeowner doesn’t own their array. Both Go Solar Group and Blue Raven Solar, however, only provide cash and loan payment programs, which allow the customer to own the system.

Referral Programs

Referral programs help solar companies, but they also help homeowners save money on their solar array. Individuals who know others interested in solar can increase their earnings from solar savings by providing companies with installable referrals.  

For the best results, talk to those you want to refer beforehand: Gauge their interest and only give the referral after they agree to it. You will gain far more from these programs if you have talked to your referrals before giving their contact information.

Blue Raven Solar’s Referral Program

Blue Raven Solar pays customers $500 for the first successful referral, $1,000 for the second and $1,500 for each referral afterward. The referral needs to purchase solar for the customer to receive the incentive.

Go Solar Group’s Referral Program

Go Solar Group offers $500 per installed referral. Since we know not everyone who knows people interested in solar can qualify for it themselves, we have referral programs for both our customers and non-customers alike.


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