A Guide to Nevada Energy Rebates

Nevada Energy Rebates
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Those looking for a quick and accurate guide to Nevada energy rebates have come to the right place. Although we’re a solar company, we support all forms of energy efficiency. That means compounding solar with a range of other energy-efficient resources.

Nevada’s Utility Renewable Energy Rebates

Over the years a bundle of renewable energy technology that has emerged. Of these technologies, thermal and photovoltaic solar currently have utility incentives.  

Solar Thermal System Program

Interested parties will have to check to determine what rebates their gas supplier offers. NV Energy has a thermal system rebate program. And Southwest Gas has a  solar water heating program.

Photovoltaic Utility Rebates for Low-income Residents

NV Energy instated a solar program for low-income residents in July of 2019. Only businesses that serve low-income residents or people that qualify for low-income housing tax credit qualify for this program.

People that qualify for this incentive are responsible for finding a solar installer. Once an installer has been determined, they will send in the application and the incentive amount will be decided.

NV Energy’s Energy Storage Incentive

NV Energy’s energy storage incentive is a utility incentive that increases the value of energy storage by paying customers that have it. This program is available to both residential and commercial customers that want to install battery backup.

There are also two different payment rates. These include time-of-use and non-time-of-use rates.

Nevada’s State Renewable Energy Programs

Go Solar Group wants clean air for Nevadans and so does the state. Each state has different renewable energy programs. Nevada has some pretty good ones.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Among the programs that Nevada offers for renewable energy is a tax exemption. This is a property tax exemption for renewable energy systems.  This incentive is for commercial, industrial, and systems used for irrigation.

Revolving Loan Program

The Governor’s Office of Energy has tried to make renewable energy more attractive with low-interest loans. Their revolving loans are available for large-scale renewable energy projects.

Large-Scale Renewable Energy Property Tax Abatement

New or expanding businesses in Nevada can receive a property tax abatement. An abatement is a reduction in property taxes over a certain period.

Direct Energy Assistance Loan

The Governor’s Office of Energy provides a low-interest loan for up to $6,000 for state employees. These loans are strictly for state-approved energy auditor improvements to their homes.

Federal Incentive For Renewable Energy

Bravo, Nevada, for providing a way for renewable energy implementation! Every step toward a cleaner planet is a step in the right direction.

Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit

One of the programs that the Federal Government is offering is a renewable energy tax credit. This credit currently covers up to 30 percent of solar array costs.

This is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income taxes. If 30 percent is more than the solar owner owes in a year, then the remainder is carried over to the next year. This tax credit carryover will continue until the tax credit is gone.

This tax credit will not always be there though. After 2019 the tax credit will decrease to 26 percent. It will then continue to decrease to 22 percent in 2021 and then to 10 percent in 2022.

After 2023 this tax credit will no longer be available for residential customers. It will, however, stay at 10 percent for commercial solar installs.

Renewables Are The Future

 Everyone wants to be happy and healthy and clean air is the key to obtaining this for years to come. Join the wave of healthier living and become part of the change. Don’t wait to take advantage of the financial help these incentives have to offer.


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