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LG vs. Q CELLS Solar Panels Comparison

Solar Group offers Q CELLS and LG solar panels. Both of these companies offer great products with solid performance to price ratios. LG is a well-known technology brand that has a reputation for being well made. Hanwha Q CELLS offers German-engineered products, which screams quality. Which solar panel to choose depends on the needs of your solar installation. This post unpacks the solar panels Go Solar Group carries within these brands and when each solar panel makes sense for the customer.

Comparing Solar Panel Cost

Cost is a significant factor. While we would all love to get the best without regard for the price tag, this isn’t the reality for the majority. Instead, most look for a balance between quality and their allotted budget.

The Price of Saving Money With Q CELLS

The price point for Hanwha Q CELLS modules ranges between $2.32 and $3.08 per watt before subtracting any state, federal, utility, or solar installer incentives. The average price-per-watt for solar panels before solar incentives, as of July 2021, equaled $2.76 per watt for a 10 kW system. 

LG’s Price for Quality

The residential solar cost depends on all the components in the array, such as the inverter and mounting equipment. However, the price per LG solar module generally ranges between $2.37 and $3.13 per watt before solar incentives. This price range is only slightly higher than Q CELLS pricing. 

Q CELLS vs. LG Efficiency

The similar pricing range of these two solar panel options makes the efficiency of these panels vital to the final decision. Let’s look at the specs for each solar panel Go Solar Group carries from these brands. This data will help you better determine which solar panel has the right balance between price and efficiency for your solar project.

How LG Specs Compare

Go Solar Group has a selection of similar wattage, yet different efficiency, LG panels. These solar panels include the LG370A1C-V5, LG370N1K-A6, LG370N1K-E6. Go Solar Group also offers the LG435QAC-A6, a premium LG solar panel. 

LG 370 Watt Solar Panels: Why There are Multiple

The LG370A1C-V5, LG370N1K-A6, and LG370N1K-E6 all produce 370 watts of electricity. However, the efficiency and size of these solar panels are each slightly different. Which one to choose depends on the space restrictions of the solar project at hand.

The efficiency of these solar panels ranges between 21.4 and 20.1 percent. These efficiencies correlate to about a three-inch difference in height and an inch in width.

These measurements are insignificant if the system only needs a few solar panels. However, when multiplied by the total number of modules needed for an average system, they quickly add up.

LG 435 Watt Solar Panel

The LG435QAC-A6 is a 435-watt monocrystalline solar panel. This solar panel has a module efficiency of 21.9 percent and dimensions of 75.1 x 41 x 1.5 in., making it six inches taller than the largest 370-watt LG panel Go Solar Group carries.

While six inches per module adds up, each module also produces an additional 65 watts, which means the project will require fewer panels. These solar panels are best suited for homeowners with limited amounts of unshaded space.

Q CELLS Specs to Consider

Go Solar Group uses a 290-watt monocrystalline Q CELLS module. This solar panel has a 17.4 percent cell efficiency and an area of 65.7 × 39.4 × 1.26 in. While this solar panel is smaller than all the LG options, it also produces less electricity, making this module ideal for homeowners with ample unshaded space. 

Solar Panel Warranties

The solar panel warranty offered by the solar manufacturer is also worth considering. Solar panel warranty coverage varies between solar companies and the products they provide. Ensuring the solar panels you choose have solid warranties will secure your investment.

Q CELLS Module Warranties

Product Warranty

Q CELLS offers a 12-year product warranty on these solar panels. This warranty covers any defects, mechanical issues or unreasonable wear and tear that has a significant negative impact on the power output of the solar panels.

Performance Warranty and Degradation Rate

The Q CELLS linear performance warranty covers 98 percent of nominal power the first year and 92.6 percent the first ten years. Over the first 25 years, it guarantees 83.6 percent. This performance warranty guarantees that the module will have an annual degradation rate of no more than 0.54 percent after the first year.

LG Solar Panel Warranties

Product Warranty

LG offers a 25-year limited product warranty. This warranty covers any unreasonable wear and tear or defects that cause the solar panel power production to degrade more than the performance warranty promises.

Performance Warranty and Degradation Rate

LG has different performance warranties for certain solar panels. The two warranties that apply to the LG modules that Go Solar Group offers include the standard LG warranty and the NeON R series warranty.

Standard LG Warranty

The standard LG warranty covers the LG370N1K-E6 and the LG370N1K-A6. This warranty promises 98.5 percent of nominal power in the first year and 90.6 percent in the first 25 years. The annual degradation rate after the first year is 0.33 percent.

NeON R Series Warranty

The NeON R Series Warranty covers the LG370A 1C-V5 and the LG435QAC-A6 solar modules: the highest performing LG options Go Solar Group offers. This warranty guarantees 92.5 percent of the original output for the first 25 years.


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