LG Vs. Trina Solar Panels Comparison

Solar Panel Comparisons
LG vs. Trina solar panels

Adding solar to your home is not a task to take lightly. Once you have decided which type of solar panel will work best, it’s time to look at comparable solar panel options. This solar panel comparison delves into the differences between the LG solar panels that Go Solar Group carries and the two Trina solar panels meant for residential use. Afterward, you should have a better idea of which will best meet your needs.

Solar Module Options

While we could do a generic Trina to LG comparison, each brand has a variety of solar panels to choose from. A generic comparison of each brand would be so wide, that it wouldn’t do either company’s spread of solar panel options justice.

Trina Residential Solar Panel Choices

Trina’s residential solar panels include the Residential 365 W Module (TSM DE06X.05(II)) and the Residential 335 W Module (TSM DD06M.05(II)). Both of these solar panels feature half-cut monocrystalline solar cells and multi-busbar technology.

LG Solar Panels Carried By Go Solar Group

Go Solar Group uses the LG370A1C-V5, LG370N1K-A6, LG370N1K-E6, and LG435QAC-A6 as its LG residential solar options. Each of these module options uses monocrystalline solar cells with varying efficiency and wattages.

Essential Solar Panel Specs to Compare

Comparing the solar panel specs of each solar panel helps interested parties determine which brand and solar panel within that brand will best meet the needs of their home. These needs vary depending on the available unshaded space, the home usage, and available budget.

LG Solar Efficiency and Wattage Ranges


This solar panel is rated for 370 watts, with a max continuous output of 320 watts. It boasts a 21.4 percent efficiency rating. This panel takes up 66.9 x 40 x 1.5 inches.


This module is also rated for 370 watts. The efficiency rating, however, is 20.4 percent, which means this solar panel is slightly larger than the LG370A1C-V5 at 69.6 x 41 x 1.5 inches.


Like the first two, this solar panel is rated at 370 watts. It has an efficiency of 20.1 percent, making it slightly less efficient than LG370N1K-A6, but the same size.


This solar panel is rated to produce 435 watts. It has a module efficiency rating of 21.9 percent. This module is a couple of inches longer than the LG370N1K-E6 and the LG370N1K-A6 but has the same width and depth at 75.1 x 41 x 1.5 inches.

Efficiency and Wattages of Trina’s Solar Modual

TSM DE06X.05(II)

This line of solar panels can produce between 355-380W with efficiencies ranging between 19.2-20.6 percent. All of these modules take up 72.91×39.21× 1.38 inches, making them smaller than the LG435QAC, but a couple of inches taller than the other LG options.

TSM DD06M.05(II)

This line of solar panels produces between 310-335W with efficiencies between 18.4-19.9 percent. Each module takes up 66.54× 39.21 × 1.38 inches, making them close to the same size as the LG370A1C-V5.

A Review of Each Solar Panel Warranty

The warranties of solar panels within the same brand vary. This post only looks at the warranties that apply to these specific solar panel options.

LG Solar Panel Warranty

The standard LG warranty includes 25 years of performance guarantee. It guarantees 98.5 percent the first year and 90.6 the remaining 25 years with a 0.33 percent degradation rate after the first year. It also covers $450 towards labor and repairs. The solar panels covered under this warranty include the LG370N1K-E6 and the LG370N1K-A6.

The LG370A 1C-V5 and the LG435QAC-A6 fall under the NeON R series warranty. This warranty covers 92.5 percent of original efficiency over 25 years.

Trina Solar Module Warranty

The TSM DE06X.05(II) modules have a 98 percent performance guarantee for the first two years. They then have a guarantee of 84.8 percent over the remaining 25-year warranty with 0.55 percent degradation.

The TSM DD06M.05(II) modules have a 97.5 percent performance guarantee for the first two years. This decreases to 83.1 percent over the remaining 25-year warranty with a 0.6 percent degradation.


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