LG vs. SunPower Solar Panel Comparison

Solar Panel Comparisons
LG vs. SunPower Solar Panels

Both SunPower and LG are well-known brands within the solar industry. They are known for producing high-quality products. In this product comparison, we will ascertain which brand has the best solar panel for your needs. To determine this, we look at the compatible solar panel options. We will then look at the wattage, efficiency and warranties of these solar modules.

Residential Solar Panel Brand Options

Both LG and SunPower have multiple solar panel options. To narrow it down, we’ll compare LG solar panels used by Go Solar Group to comparable solar panels produced by SunPower.

LG Solar Panels GSG Uses on Installs

Among LG’s solar panel selection Go Solar Group uses the LG370A1C-V5, LG370N1K-A6, LG370N1K-E6, and the LG435QAC-A6. These solar panels offer different efficiencies at the same wattage and one higher wattage solar panel.

Comparable SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower has five different solar panel series. Among these options, the X-Series, A-Series, and E-Series are comparable to the LG solar panels GSG uses.

Solar Panel Wattage and Efficiency Comparisons

The module composition, wattage, and efficiency of each solar panel impacts the dimensions of each solar panel. While a few inches wider or taller may not seem like much, a couple of inches on every solar panel equates to significant differences in the area of a system.

System size is significant because not every home has a lot of unshaded space at the perfect angle. Choosing a solar panel with the same wattage but a higher efficiency rating could make a system size that was too big for your space fit perfectly.

LG Solar Panel Specifications


The LG370A1C-V5 is a 370-watt monocrystalline solar panel. This module has a cell efficiency of 21.4 percent and takes up 66.9 in x 40 in x 1.5 in.


The LG370N1K-A6 is also a 370-watt monocrystalline solar panel. Its cell efficiency equals 20.4 percent.

The reduced efficiency of this module means that it needs more surface area to produce the same amount of electricity. It takes up 69.6 in x 41 in x 1.5 in, making it slightly taller and wider than the LG370A1C-V5.


The LG370N1K-E6 also uses monocrystalline solar cell technology and produces 370 watts. It has a cell efficiency of 20.1 percent. The reduced efficiency of this solar panel is small enough that it takes up the same space as the LG370N1K-A6. Its dimensions come to 69.6 in x 41 in x 1.5 in.


The LG435QAC-A6 is a monocrystalline solar panel that can produce 435 watts. It has an efficiency rating of 21.9 percent and uses 75.1 in x 41 in x 1.5 in. of space

SunPower Solar Module Specs


The X-Series direct current residential solar panels range from 335 to 360 watts. Their solar panel efficiency ranges from 20.6 to 22.1 percent. All the solar panels in this series have an area of 61.3 in x 41.2 in x 1.8 in.


The A-Series direct current residential solar panels range from 390 to 420 watts. These solar panels have efficiencies ranging from 20.9 to 22.5 percent. Each A-Series solar cell is 65 percent larger than the X-Series cells, meaning they can produce more power. However, they also take up more space. The A-Series solar dimensions equal 72.2 in x 40.0 in x 1.57 in., making them 11 inches taller than the X-Series panels.


The E-Series direct current residential solar panels range between 320 – 327 watts. The efficiency of these solar panels starts at 19.6 percent and goes to 20.1 percent. This series dimensions equal 61.3 in x 41.2 in x 1.8 in. They are the same size as the X-Series solar panels. However, they don’t produce as much electricity.

Warranty Coverage Differences and Similarities

LG Solar Panel Warranties

The LG solar panels that Go Solar Group uses fall under two different warranties. These warranties include the Standard LG Warranty and the NeON® R Series Warranty.

Standard LG Warranty

The Standard LG Warranty covers 98.5 percent of the original output the first year. The remainder of the 25-year warranty covers 90.6 percent at a 0.33 percent annual degradation rate.

NeON® R Series Warranty

The NeON® R Series Warranty guarantees 92.5 percent of the original output over 25 years. Solar panels covered by this warranty and used by Go Solar Group include the LG370A 1C-V5 and the LG435QAC-A6.

SunPower Solar Panel Warranty

SunPower offers a complete confidence warranty, which guarantees 92 percent of original output over 25 years and degradation of eight percent over 25 years, which equals 0.32 percent annually. This warranty also covers workmanship and materials defects and repairs, replaces, or reimburses defective parts.


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