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Go Solar Group’s Installation Process

Go Solar Group once had its own installation crew in its primary markets. Now, however, as we grow, we’ve decided to partner with Titan as our trusted installation team, which has a national presence and expertise specific to each solar market, which benefits our current and future customers immensely.

You may think that you have it made once you determine which installer to use, but this is just the beginning of your solar journey. After deciding on a solar company, there is an installation process that every solar installer has to go through. To better understand this process and determine if Go Solar Group is a good fit for your project, we have outlined what this process looks like for Go Solar Group customers.

The Residential Solar Installation Process

The basic installation process for every residential solar project starts as soon as the homeowners decide on a solar company. The installation process then breaks down into six steps.

These steps include a site evaluation, acquiring necessary approvals to start the project, the solar installation, a city inspection, utility inspection, and commissioning, and the setup and or installation of any monitoring devices. However, who completes these steps depends on the solar company.

Go Solar Group’s installation partner is Titan Solar Power. Titan takes care of the site surveys and design, permitting, installation, city inspections, and utility connection.

Why Go Solar Group Uses Titan for Its Solar Installations

For many years Go Solar Group was a full-service solar company. The company did everything from the initial quote to the final steps in the installation and all the paperwork in-between.

Keeping everything under one roof can make it easier for the customer. However, with growth comes growing pains. To ensure customer installation and maintenance needs don’t get pushed to the wayside amid company growth, Go Solar Group decided to partner with Titan. 

The decision to partner with Titan was not easy. However, Titan’s values align with Go Solar Group, making the transition easier. Titan values growth, doing more with less, accountability, flexibility, employing a passionate and determined workforce, communicating clear expectations, honoring commitments, building a positive team and family spirit, and fostering confidence, happiness, and respect.

Discover if Your Home is a Good Fit For Solar

Before an installation can begin, the solar company needs to determine if the home is a good fit for residential solar. While we want everyone to have the benefits of solar power, residential solar doesn’t make sense for everyone. Determining whether residential solar will work for your situation is the first step towards a solar installation. 

Qualifications for Residential Solar

To qualify for a residential installation, the interested party first needs to own their home. The next step is to determine how much electricity the home uses throughout the year.

If your home uses enough electricity for residential solar to be financially beneficial, Go Solar Group will then look at the layout of the roof or another predetermined spot for the system and determine if there is enough room. Homeowners with a home fit for solar can then look at the financial side of an installation.

Although solar saves customers money, it is still an investment, and many individuals use a solar loan, meaning the potential buyer needs a good credit score. Once the customer decides on a payment plan, the solar company will determine if the homeowner can qualify for solar incentives.

Titan Installation Territories

If you don’t live in a territory that the installer you’re considering serves, the screening process will be a waste of time. Titan is an international installer with 29 offices across the United States. Check out Titan’s installation territory page to determine if your home is near one of these installation crew locations. 

Titan Installation Heat Map

Another component to consider before deciding to install a solar array is whether your home receives enough sunlight. Titan has a heat map. You can get an even better idea of your home’s solar potential with Google’s Project Sunroof

What to Expect Post Solar Installation

After installing solar, your system should be good to go. However, there are a couple of post-solar habits that could save you even more money. These adjustments include small things like doing laundry when your solar panels are running and turning off the lights and electronics you aren’t using.

However, post solar habits aren’t the only way you can increase the ROI of your solar investment. You can also clean your solar panels once or twice a year to prevent debris build-up.

The last way to increase the savings is to add solar pulse products. Some solar plus products worth considering include smart thermostats and battery backup.


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