Why Go Solar Group?

Go Solar in Six Steps with Go Solar Group

Your journey to save on utilities & buy solar panels is as simple as can be with Go Solar’s full-service solution.

1. Get a competitive bid online & Avoid DIY Solar.

Every solar company features different solar products, meaning the amount you can save will vary.
Go Solar Group features German-engineered panels & inverters and backup options with every system.

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2. Qualify over the phone to get your true solar savings quote.

10 minutes with a solar representative is enough time to qualify and complete a free solar savings assessment.
Go Solar Group will call you after you submit your interest for a free quote.

3. Meet in-person with a solar consultant to buy solar panels. Don’t Install Solar Yourself.

You’ll review the best solar products for your home, find out your home’s solar potential, qualify for $0 down, and lock-in a fixed energy rate.

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4. Relax while your solar panel system is approved.

To maintain safety, your system needs to be approved before being installed. Don’t worry – you don’t have to do a thing!

5. Schedule your solar system installation over the phone.

The project management team will let you know when your permitting is complete & set a date to install your solar panels.

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6. Enjoy clean energy at a discounted rate for the next 25+ years.

Your system is warrantied for 25 years and it will generate eco-friendly power. No more increasing energy rates once you buy solar!

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