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As a Reno solar panel company, we make going solar simple by giving you the best solar panels for less. Don't put up with shoddy products or overpriced panels. Get quality, time-tested products from a reliable solar company. 

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When you Go Solar with us, we give the equivalent of your solar array to a Uganda family through Go Solar International. To date, we’ve provided over 4 million extra hours of clean reading light for children in this area via our Give Solar Program.

We Know Reno Solar Panels

Reno’s unique climate and conditions require premier solar panels. Contrary to popular belief, while the sun is good for your panels, heat is not. To make sure you have panels that stand up to the Nevada heat, we recommend investing in quality solar panels. Go Solar Group only uses panels that:

  • Have a 25-year warranty
  • Are German-engineered
  • Are installed by our expert Reno solar installers
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