Nevada: Enter to Win the Powerwall

Go Solar Group will pay for the Winner's Powerwall and its residential, on-grid installation. Enter to win today, see what home solar plus Powerwall can do for your Nevada residence! 

Go Solar Group's 2020 Powerwall Promotion
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Power Your Nevada Home With Solar. Perfect it with the Tesla Powerwall.

Go Solar Group is a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer. Learn how we can use solar for your Utah home

Bring your self-powered home to completion with Go Solar Group’s solar panels and Tesla’s Powerwall. As a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, we’re ready to answer all your residential solar questions. Fill out the form above to learn more.

Benefits of Residential Solar with Tesla Powerwall

Store energy in Tesla’s Powerwall from Go Solar Group’s German-engineered solar panels

Store excess power from our solar panels and use it at night

Use power whenever you need it, even in an outage

Go Solar Group's Official 2020 Powerwall Promotion Rules.

Utah solar with Tesla Powerwall

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