2022 Florida Incentives for Residential Solar

Florida Solar Incentives
Florida Incentives for Residential Solar

Several factors go into whether adding solar to your Florida home is worth it. Some of these factors include solar qualifications that those interested in solar need. However, solar incentives also play a significant role. These incentives range from the solar programs offered by the local electric provider and federal and state tax credits to Florida solar installer programs and services.

Investor-Owned Florida Utility Solar Programs

While Florida is known as the sunshine state, having enough sun to power your solar array doesn’t matter if the utility company in the area makes it difficult or costly to connect it to the power grid. Nevada’s net metering history is a prime example of how anti-solar utility programs can completely ruin the financial benefit of residential solar. Unfortunately, Florida net metering seems to be heading in the same direction that Nevada was in 2015. However, even if this anti-solar legislation passes, there are some other utility-sponsored solar programs.

Duke Energy Solar Programs

Duke Energy has solar programs that give customers a chance to invest in solar if they can’t install residential solar. The current community solar program through Duke Energy is called Shared Solar. This program, however, will soon be transitioning to their new community solar program, Clean Energy Connection. Duke Energy also has net metering and solar generation programs for homeowners and businesses that have installed solar panels.

Florida Power & Light

For the time being, Florida Power & Light offers a one-to-one ratio for net-metered customers. The other solar program Flordia Power & Light offers is FPL SolarNow. A voluntary solar partnership program that allows customers to show their support of utility solar project creation by contributing $9 a month. In return, customers get special access to FPL events and partner discounts.

Florida Solar Panel Incentives

Florida has three main solar tax incentives. These incentives include the Federal tax credit, Florida sales tax exemption and the Florida property tax exemption.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit pays for 26 percent of solar arrays installed in 2022. This tax credit will decrease over the next several years, giving many homeowners an extra incentive to add solar to their homes now.

Florida Solar Sales Tax Exemption

Florida has a tax exemption for sales tax on solar arrays. This tax exemption saves Floridians six percent on their installation.

Florida Solar Property Tax Exemption

If you purchase solar, it adds value to your property. Thankfully, this added value won’t result in extra property taxes because of this exemption.

Solar Company Programs and Services To Consider

While the inducements offered by your state and utility may influence your decision to purchase solar, company incentives can determine which company you decide to use. The perks and services a Florida solar company offers can become a deciding factor if it has comparable products.

Using Referral Programs to Earn the Most From Your System

Most solar companies offer a referral program. These programs benefit the customer and the solar company. However, how much they help the customer depends. Go Solar Group’s referral program is unique because it provides compensation to referrers regardless of whether they have purchased solar from us.

Paying Solar Forward With Solar Humanitarian Work

While not a monetary incentive, humanitarian work does motivate some to choose one product or company over another. Some solar companies also reach out to their community or partner with relevant charities and non-profits. Few, however, can say that, like Go Solar Group, the company started because of humanitarian work and that this work continues to be the motivation that keeps them going. Those who purchase their solar array through Go Solar Group also pay solar forward through the non-profit 1heart1mind.

Key Services Solar Customers Should Consider

Another motivator includes the services one solar company has over another. Some companies provide additional services such as solar panel cleaning and maintenance. Other solar companies have great customer service. Determining what services the Flordia solar companies you are considering have will help you better determine which is right for you.

Battery Backup Options Offered

Battery backup has become more common as the price for this technology has decreased, and competitors have generated more options. Solar companies that offer the solar battery you’re interested in could provide an extra incentive to use them. Go Solar Group offers three levels of battery backup, so customers with varying storage needs can still have power during an emergency. 

Battery Backup in Florida

Solar with battery backup is even more enticing to Floridians because of the uncertain future of net metering. Those with home batteries have total control over their power and could decide when or if they want to put power back onto the grid. The combination of solar and battery backup could cover all or most of the homeowner’s electricity needs. 


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