Is a Tesla Solar Roof a Good Fit For Your Florida Home?

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Is a Tesla Solar Roof a Good Fit For Your Florida Home?

New solar technology hits the market constantly, from new kinds of solar panels to more powerful inverters. One of the more recent innovations is the solar roof — replacing most or all of your roof with solar PV cells. Tesla commonly installs solar roofs. 

Is installing a Tesla Solar Roof in Florida worth it? Let’s take a look.

What Is a Solar Roof?

A solar roof has solar cells built directly into it. The cells are sometimes called solar shingles. Solar shingles supersede the original ones. Because this technology replaces the original shingles, installing them is more invasive and therefore expensive.

How Are Solar Shingles Different From Solar Panels?

The most common type of solar installation is rooftop solar panels. Solar panels are installed on top of the rooftop using a mounting system. Installers drill the mounts into the roof and secure the panels onto them.

A solar roof is built directly into the roofline. Installing a solar roof requires intense work. Many homeowners wait to install solar shingles until they need to reroof their house. Others install solar roofs during the building process.

Is It Worth It To Install a Solar Roof in Florida?

Now that you know what a solar roof is, what about installing one? Is it worth the time and money to install a Tesla solar roof?

A Solar Roof Looks Sleek and Attractive

An advantage that solar roofs have over solar panels is their aesthetics. While monocrystalline solar panels can blend into the roofline with the help of a solar skirt, these modules aren’t flush with the roof. Additionally, solar panels won’t match roofing materials that aren’t dark, like asphalt shingles.

On the other hand, solar roofs blend into the roofline and match several roofing materials. The entire installation comes together attractively and unobtrusively.

Installing a Solar Roof Is Expensive and Difficult

Installing a solar roof takes a lot of money. The reason why is the roof requirements, shingle costs and efficiency difference.

Specific Roof Required

Unlike traditional solar panels, which are installable on almost any type of roof, a solar roof requires extensive renovation. The original roof is torn out and replaced with solar shingles.

The Cost of Solar Shingles

In addition to removing the existing roof, the solar shingles themselves also cost money. Installing solar shingles cost much more than solar panels. Compared to solar panels, Tesla solar shingles cost more than triple. 

Solar Shingle Efficiency

Finally, even though solar roofs cost more, they deliver less electricity per shingle than solar panels. This efficiency difference means the installation requires more shingles to produce the same amount of electricity. Solar shingle installations often take up more of the roof than a traditional solar installation. 

Florida Homes Should Not Install Solar Roofs

The situation may change, but as it stands now, installing a solar roof is a bad idea for most. A Tesla solar roof is more expensive than solar panels but produces less electricity. Florida homeowners should find a quality installer of rooftop solar panels if they want to maximize their savings.


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