How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Florida in 2022?

Florida Solar FAQs
How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Florida

The cost of solar panels depends on the type of solar panels you decide to get and the system size you install. In Florida, how long your solar panels will last depend on whether they can withstand heat, humidity and hail. Thankfully, most high-quality solar panels are rated to withstand typical Florida weather conditions. However, how many to install is another story.

Average Florida Residential Electricity Usage

The average system size in Florida, according to Energy Sage, is 5 kW. However, how much you need depends on your electricity usage.

The 2020 average residential electricity usage in Florida was 1,142 kWh a month. This average is higher than the South Atlantic average of 1,079 kWh, the US average of 893 kWh, and considerably larger than a 5kW system would provide. However, how much energy you use is only part of the puzzle needed to determine your system size for your Florida home.

Determining How Much Solar Your Florida Home Needs

The Role Energy Usage Plays in System Sizing

Before deciding how much solar you need, you need to look at how much electricity you use monthly and yearly. Monthly usage will help your solar company determine which months you use more or less electricity and how much you will need to produce on average to compensate for lower production months. Yearly usage will tell your solar company how much electricity you typically use in a year, which will give them a better idea of the system size necessary for your needs.

How Much Energy Solar Panels Produce in Florida

The other part of the equation is determining the peak sun hours. In Florida, the average peak sun hours is four. Meaning for four hours, your Florida home will produce the most energy. In the United States, anywhere with at least four hours of peak sun hours produces enough electricity to become financially beneficial for homeowners. However, you still have to account for the solar laws in the state.

Necessary Space for a Solar Installation

Another thing to consider when determining the system size you need is how much room you have. Some homeowners don’t have enough space on their property to offset all of their energy needs. How much space you will need depends on the wattage and size of the panel.

The Solar Review system sizing chart above is based on a 320-watt solar panel. Go Solar Group’s solar panel brands range between 370 and 435-watts, which means you won’t need as many solar panels.

Average Florida Solar Panel Cost

The cost for solar in Florida before the federal solar ITC ranges between $7,770 and $25,900, depending on the system size you install, coming to an average of $2.59 per watt. If you qualify for this tax credit and install your array in 2022, you can save an additional 26 percent.


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