Florida Solar Choice Chairman’s 2022 Amendment

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Florida Solar Choice Chairman's 2022 Amendment

Solar power laws make a huge difference in each state’s solar market. The net metering policy history in Nevada is a prime example. However, to truly make a difference, you need to do more than research prospective solar legislation right before voting. Voters need to know what will be on the upcoming ballot and how best to support the solar legislation they believe in before elections. One example of potential solar legislation that Florida voters should get behind before the election is the Florida Right to Produce and Sell Solar Energy Initiative. This initiative has the support of Floridians for Solar Choice.

Floridians for Solar Choice Amendment Petition

Floridians for Solar Choice is a broad grassroots coalition formed in 2015. Its objective is to ensure Floridians have the right to power their homes and businesses with solar energy. In 2016, Floridians for Solar Choice fought against amendment 1 and helped Floridians understand how this amendment would have restricted their energy choices. This amendment would have blocked utility competitors by first, preserving the monopoly that investor utilities have on rooftop solar and second, giving utilities the power to challenge any policy that they feel unfairly favors solar power. In 2017, Floridians for Solar Choice helped Amendment 4 pass. This amendment removed personal property tax and real estate taxes on solar installations. Now, in 2022, Floridians for Solar Choice has come together again to fight to protect solar with an amendment that would remove restrictions on the sale of solar energy. However, this isn’t the first time the Florida Right to Produce and Sell Solar Initiative has been proposed.

Amendment History and What it Would do For Floridians

The Florida Right to Produce and Sell Solar Energy Initiative was first proposed in 2015. While this initiated constitutional amendment received Florida Supreme Court approval, Floridians for Solar Choice did not obtain the needed 683,149 verified petitions before the deadline and therefore wasn’t put on the 2018 ballet. The reason Floridians for Solar Choice claim this initiative didn’t get the necessary petitions was because the coalition determined that fighting against Amendment 1 and for Amendment 4 was more pressing. Now that these battles have been fought, attention has again turned back to this proposed amendment.

What The Florida Right to Produce and Sell Solar Energy Initiative Will Do

In December 2021, Tory Perfetti, the Floridians for Choice Chairman, reported a $420,000 contribution to kick off a bid to change the Florida constitution. This constitutional change would allow Floridians to purchase solar power from other entities besides the area’s residing electric utility. If passed, this initiative would allow Floridians to sell their excess solar to their neighbors. It would also allow property owners to generate and sell up to two megawatts of electricity to tenants.

What Action You Can Take

In 2015, this initiative gained almost 300,000 signed petitions. However, these have now expired. The Floridians for Solar Choice coalition now looks to their fellow Floridians to petition this initiative. Registered Florida voters who feel selling solar power should be an option can make a difference by downloading the petition and contributing to the 891,589 signatures needed by February 2, 2024. Once added to the 2024 ballet, don’t forget to vote for this amendment in the November 2024 election. It will need 60 percent of the vote to pass.


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