Florida Competitor Comparison: SunPro vs. Go Solar Group

Florida Solar Company Comparisons
SunPro Competitor Comparison Florida

Florida is a wonderful place to add residential solar. However, which solar company you choose for your installation can make a huge difference.

A quality company can make for a smooth transition from traditional electricity generation. While a sub-par solar company can make you wish you had never thought of converting to solar power.

This dilemma is where Go Solar Group competitor comparisons come in. With our comparisons, you can gather the knowledge you need to determine which solar company will work for you.

Company Reputation

A company’s customer reviews can tell you a lot about its reputation. While every company says they have the best product and services, customer reviews paint a more accurate picture.

This view of a solar company will help you better determine where they lack and their strong suits. In the end, this information will help you determine which will best meet your needs.

While each company has some reviews that paint them in a bad light, the breakdown of customer reviews on solarreviews.com for both Go Solar Group and SunPro are very similar. Each category is only slightly different.

Go Solar Group Solar Reviews

Go Solar Group has a 3.5-star review out of 31 reviews with an average of 4.1 stars for its sales process, 4.2 for the price as quoted, 4.0 for on schedule, and 3.8 for after-sales support. These categories suggest that Go Solar Group customers are the happiest with the price consistency that Go Solar Group offers and most disappointed in after-sales support.

Other Go Solar Group Reviews

However, one review location still doesn’t give the full picture. Google reviews gave Go Solar Group 4.1 stars out of 71 reviews. On Facebook, Go Solar Group has 4-stars out of 33 reviews, and EnergySage gave three stars out of four reviews.

SunPro Solar Reviews

SunPro Solar has a 4-star rating out of 253 reviews. It has an average of 4.5 stars for its sales process, 4.4 for the price as quoted, 4.2 for on schedule, and 4.0 for after-sales support. These categories suggest that SunPro customers are most satisfied with the sales process at SunPro and most disappointed with the after-sales support.

Other SunPro Solar Reviews

For a better look at customer satisfaction, we glanced at other review locations for SunPro as well. Their Facebook page has a 4.1-star rating out of 631 reviews, and EnergySage gave them 4-stars out of 79 reviews.

Product and Service Offerings

The product offered is the core of any business. For solar companies, this entails all the other solar array components.

After assessing the quality of the products offered, it’s time to look into the company’s services. Services can help differentiate companies with a similar product. Other times, better service makes a slightly lower quality product worth considering.

What matters depends on what you want out of your solar experience. If you value the best price over anything else, you will want something different than someone that wants quality.

Go Solar Group Product Suite

Go Solar Group has a selection of quality solar components. These products include everything from inverters and mounting systems to solar panels and battery backup levels.

Go Solar Group Solar Panel Options

At Go Solar Group, customers have a selection of solar panels. These include LG, Titan-branded Silfab solar modules, and Hanwha Q CELLS. These solar panels give customers a mix of high-quality and budget-friendly choices to consider for their homes.

Battery Backup Levels

At Go Solar Group, customers can choose between the Tesla Powerwall home battery or two different Goal Zero portable battery packages. Go Solar Group offers battery backup levels because it wants every homeowner to have the option to secure their power during an outage. Each backup option meets different energy needs and financial circumstances.

SunPro Products: Solar Panel, Backup, Inverters and More

SunPro doesn’t state all the products they offer. However, its website does say it uses LG, Tesla, Enphase, Outback Power, and Unirac products.

LG is best known in the solar industry for its solar modules. Enphase is known for solar inverters and Telsa is known for electric cars, solar shingles, and battery backup. However, on SunPro’s website, it refers to both the Enphase Encharge 10 and Tesla Powerwall 2 home batteries as its battery backup options.

Outback Power also sells energy storage and inverter options. While Unirac is a solar mounting equipment company.

Comparing Referral Programs

Referral programs are really the icing on the cake for most customers. A quality referral program rewards them for sharing a product they love with their friends and family. If two solar companies seem to have similar product offerings, their referral program could help seal the deal for one or the other.

While most don’t make enough from referring their friends and family to pay for their own array, it can happen. It just takes the right referral program, a quality product, and friends and family that have a genuine interest in investing in the same product.

SunPro Solar Referral App

SunPro has a referral app compatible with both apple and android phones for their customers. This app allows customers to earn $35 for each qualified referral with another $25 towards the referral.

If the referral decides to buy solar, the referring customer receives an additional $1,000. If they also purchase a new roof, the referring customer will receive another $500.

Additionally, all the referrals that a customer submits turn into a network of passive rewards. For each sold referral by someone in your network, you receive an additional $200.

Go Solar Group Referral Program

Go Solar Group offers a referral program that rewards customers and non-customers alike. Go Solar Group takes this approach because while not everyone looking into solar is the right fit, that doesn’t mean they haven’t found a company that they want to share with family and friends.

Every referral that results in a solar installation earns the referer $500. This reward is unlimited, which means that no matter how many install solar, you will get the max amount from Go Solar Group for trusting us with your friends and family.


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