SolarCity Florida: Competitor Comparison

Florida Solar Company Comparisons
Florida Solar City Competitor Review

History Behind SolarCity Entering Florida

Soon after Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016, it entered Florida. While SolarCity wanted to serve Flordia sooner, it waited until it was clear that Florida wasn’t going to pass Amendment 1. This amendment would have reduced the credit that solar customers received for the electricity they put on the grid. It first started in Orlando, Florida, with plans to eventually install solar for cities across the state. As of 2021, Tesla Solar now offers solar to customers throughout the US no matter how close they are to the nearest warehouse and installation team.

Solar Company Product Review

There are a lot of solar products on the market, which means customers need to compare the price and quality of the system. Knowing the brands each company offers helps customers determine if they are worth the same price.

SolarCity Products for Solar Customers

Solar Array Panel Options

SolarCity offers Tesla-branded shingles and solar panels. The manufacturers changed over the years. However, in July 2021, Tesla started manufacturing their own 420-watt monocrystalline solar panel. 

Battery Backup

The Tesla Powerwall is the home battery offered by SolarCity. Tesla now has two Powerwall options. You can either purchase Powerwall+ or Powerwall 2. The difference is that Powerwall+ comes with a separate solar inverter with an integrated breaker.


The Tesla app monitors all of Tesla’s equipment. This app allows customers to personalize their savings, receive severe weather alerts and manage their energy.

Referral Program

SolarCity adopted Tesla’s referral program when it was acquired. However, this program has since changed. As of 2022, Solar customers now earn $500 for each referral that installs a solar roof and $300 for each referral that installs solar panels.

Go Solar Group Solar Product Suite

Solar Array Panel Options

Go Solar Group offers three different solar panel brands to its customers. These brands include Q Cells, LG and Silfab. Within these brands, these solar panels range from 290 to 435 watts.

Battery Backup

One of the defining differences between Go Solar Group and its competitors is the levels of battery backup offered. While many solar companies offer home batteries now, few offer levels of backup. Our battery backup levels feature Goal Zero and Tesla solar battery products.


Go Solar Group customers can monitor their solar array with the inverter or the home battery. Those who choose not to install the Tesla Powerwall can monitor their system with the SolarEdge monitoring app. Customers with the Tesla Powerwall can use SolarEdge’s and Tesla’s monitoring apps.

Referral Program

Go Solar Group’s referral program differs from most because it offers incentives for customers and non-customers. Referrers receive $500 for each referral that installs solar with Go Solar Group.

Which Solar Company Makes the Most Sense For Your Florida Home?

Which solar company makes the most sense for you depends on the priorities for your installation. Each customer has different needs, which means not every solar company is a good fit.

Homes With Limited Space

Homes with limited space for solar panels will want to consider higher wattage solar panels. Higher wattage solar panels will reduce the number of solar panels needed, reducing the installation’s square footage. Both Go Solar Group and Tesla have high-wattage solar panel options.

Homeowners that Don’t Want a Home Battery

Homeowners that don’t want a home battery but still need battery backup should consider Go Solar Group’s battery backup levels. Tesla now requires customers to purchase at least one Powerwall for every 7.6 kW of alternating current solar. Homeowners that don’t want a home battery may not want to choose this solar company.

Customers That Want The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Installation

Most monocrystalline solar panels blend well with a black or grey roof. However, if you want to hide your installation, the Tesla solar shingle is the way to go. Just make sure you know whether solar shingles are a good idea for your Florida home. Solar roofs are best for new homes or homes that need reroofing because the installation will be less invasive.


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