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Icon Energy and Florida Solar

One of the most important parts of going solar is choosing the right company for you. Each company has a slate of solar products, a way of installing equipment, and a variety of business practices. What about solar companies in the Sunshine State? 

Icon Energy is a relative newcomer to solar in Florida. Established in 2020, the company operates in Orlando. Little public information is available about the company.

Comparing Icon Energy’s Products and Go Solar Group’s Products

Quality solar products are the key to a successful installation. You might have a good roof position and a lot of sun hours, but your installation will underperform if you don’t have good equipment. 

How does Icon Energy stack up against the competition? It’s hard to tell. Let’s go through some of the solar products needed in every solar installation.

Comparing Solar Panels in Florida

Each home is unique and needs a custom setup. Go Solar Group stocks multiple solar panels so we can accommodate as many homes as possible. Some homes need premium panels, while others only need the standard models.

Go Solar Group’s Solar Panel Offerings

LG manufactures Go Solar Group’s panels of choice. All of the LG panels offered by Go Solar Group are polycrystalline with efficiency ratings of 20-21.9 percent. Go Solar’s LG panels come with a 25-year warranty, though the guaranteed efficiency rate differs depending on the model. 

Following Go Solar Group’s partnership with Titan Solar, we now offer their Silfab-produced signature panels. With a 20.2 percent efficiency and a 30-year performance warranty, the Titan 370W panel is an excellent choice.

Icon Energy’s Solar Panel Offerings

Unfortunately, Icon Energy does not publish its solar panel catalog. Many solar companies only offer one or two types of panels. We cannot confirm whether Icon Energy stocks a variety of solar panels.

Comparing Non-Panel Solar Equipment Offerings

Panels are the main part of any solar installation — but they aren’t the only part. Other essential components for any residential solar panel system include inverters, racking systems, and battery backup.

Go Solar Group’s Non-Panel Products

Go Solar Group’s Solar Inverter Brand

Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge inverters on every solar installation. SolarEdge inverters are notable for their extreme efficiency ratings — reaching 99 percent. The SolarEdge inverter comes with built-in power optimizers. The optimizers regulate your system’s voltage and stop production loss from fluctuations.

Mounting Equipment

The mounts you use for your solar panels aren’t the most attractive part of a solar installation, but they’re some of the most important. A shoddy racking system can reduce the life of your solar array. Go Solar Group uses Everest racks.

Go Solar Group’s Home Battery Option

Battery backup is the last part of a solar installation. Your solar panels provide you with energy during the day, but at night they will not. Most homes remain on the grid and use grid-generated electricity when their solar panels aren’t producing. Battery backup keeps the electricity produced by your panels in your home. Along with our portable batteries and semi-portable battery options, Go Solar Group uses the Tesla Powerwall, one of the biggest names in the solar battery field. 

Icon Energy’s Non-Panel Products

Icon Energy does not publicly say what inverters, racking systems, or battery backups they offer. Not every solar company installs battery backup, so choosing a solar company that does is very important. Having a Tesla Powerwall installed in your Florida home keeps your panels producing at the highest level.

How Do Floridians Feel About Icon Energy?

A company’s public perception is crucial to its continued success. A company that cannot uphold its image is doomed to fail. How is Icon Energy viewed?

Icon Energy’s Reviews Online

Reviews are not unbiased. Research has shown that people are more likely to leave a review if something bad has happened — or if something very good has happened. Most customers who have an average to above-average experience won’t leave a review. Most reviews are either one star or five stars, with little in-between. 

What Are Icon Energy’s Customers Saying About It?

Unfortunately, most of Icon Energy’s reviews are negative. Customers speak of pushy salespeople, rude employees, and a lack of communication. We recommend choosing a solar company with a proven track record and a history of quality installations. 


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