Why Solar Shingles Are A Bad Investment for Utah Homeowners

Facts About Solar Energy
Solar shingles vs solar panels for your Utah home

Although a great idea, solar shingles are currently a bad investment for Utah homeowners. The main reasons why shingles aren’t your best option come down to price, durability, and installation.

The Price of Solar Shingles Compared to a Panel

Many are awe-inspired by the reduction in their carbon footprint that solar provides. Most, however, buy solar because it is a more affordable option. The new Tesla shingles cost twice as much as solar panels combined with newly replaced shingles.
When you get solar shingles you save about $1,700 compared to your power company over a 30 year period. Solar panels, however, have an estimated savings of $33,600 over the same period.

Utah Solar Shingle Durability

In 2005 Solar shingles made their debut. Many have since tried to make them a viable option for customers without much success.
There are many difficulties involved in creating a mini panel the size of a shingle. One of the main issues is generating efficiency that compares to what you can get from a regular 3ft by 4 ft panel.

Tough Solar Shingle Reinstall

Solar shingles are an alternative to traditional roofing. Solar shingles are best suited for new homes. Because they are shingles, it is hard to install them on pre-existing shingles.
You also need to take into account the shingle replacement process required. Because the shingles are so small the wiring is a big issue. Re-shingling your roof after your solar shingles have died could be a pain.

What this Means for your Utah Home

We have found that it is currently a more cost-effective option to get a high-quality panel. Most solar arrays have warranties that promise 80 percent efficiency for 25 years.
Many systems installed in the 70s still work today, which is over 30 years of production. That is 25 plus years that you could be saving with current proven technology.
It doesn’t make sense, however, to continue paying increasing electric rates while waiting. By the time current technology is no longer usable, solar tiles may be a viable option.
If the aesthetics of solar bother you, we suggest getting a high-efficiency black on black panel. Black on black panels conceals nicely on most roofs. If you have your heart set on Tesla, Go Solar Group is a Tesla carrier and a certified Tesla Powerwall installer.
We can get you on a waiting list for installation as soon as the tesla shingles become available to the public. Unfortunately, Telsa is not known for its timeliness. This could be a wait of anywhere between a couple of months to a couple of years.


Super Clean Install

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Go Solar installed my system in less than half a day, and other than all of the new electronics on my roof I wouldn't have known they had been there! The system is all ready to go, I am just waiting for RMP to install the net meter so I can start producing some clean energy.
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