Do Solar Shingles Make Sense for Your Home?

When you get solar shingles, you aren’t getting the free backup in the form of secure power supply that Go Solar Group offers with every residential solar install.

Reasons to Get Solar Panels

Better Price Value, Lower Cost, and Durability

Paying for Solar Power You’ll Actually Use

Better Solar Efficiency and Savings

Reasons to Get Solar Shingles

Price Is Not a Factor for You as a Homeowner

Speed-to-ROI Isn’t Important

You’re Moving Within 5 Years

Reasons to Not Get Solar Shingles

Paying for Solar You Won’t Use (and Not Getting Free Emergency Backup with Your System)

Not only are these solar shingles expensive, you have to pay for the solar shingles on the non-south facing pitch of your roof, which is not ideal for absorptive efficiency and transduction of electrical current needed to power your home.

Price and Costs

When it comes to price, there are numerous downfalls to solar shingles.We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t invest in solar shingles, but we have found that it is currently a more cost-effective option to get a high-quality panel.

For instance, most solar arrays are warrantied to produce 80 percent of their max efficiency for 25 years, ours, we warranty at 85% production for the same time frame.

Paying for Solar You Won’t Use

Not only are these solar shingles expensive, you have to pay for the solar shingles on the non-south facing pitch of your roof, which is not ideal for absorptive efficiency and transduction of electrical current needed to power your home.

Lack of Solar Shingle Efficiency

Given the impressive wattage per surface area of each solar module from a normal solar install, and especially in consideration of our German-engineered panels, we can put greater solar power in a smaller amount of space on your roof, reducing the visual impact of the panels themselves.

You lose efficiency every time you have to make a connection with each individual panel, so the efficiency is not up to snuff just yet. There are many difficulties involved in creating a mini panel the size of a shingle that is supposed to produce the same amount of energy that a regular 3ft by 4ft panel would. So the shingles have to make tons of individual connections and the efficiency degrades, whereas Go Solar Group’s panels can generate more power more efficiently on a panel-by-panel basis over a longer surface area, making them more absorptive from the sun.

Another Way to Avoid the Aesthetic Impact of Solar Modules

We can also do ground mount installs, where the panels are not placed upon your actual home. This is just one of the varieties of solar installs we can do, and are flexible in catering to each homeowner’s aesthetic needs with a variety of installation formats.

Solar Shingles Don’t Leverage The Time Value of Money (TVM)

If you do wait for them, you will be waiting for another 3 to 4 years. And the expenses will likely not drop at that point to where they are manageable for most people who would otherwise go solar with regular rooftop panels. 3 to 4 years also reduces the time value of money and cuts significantly into opportunity cost. Therefore, waiting for solar shingles hinders the amount of money you can ultimately save with rooftop solar. Additionally, the price of solar panels is about one-fourth the cost of solar shingles at the present date. The concept of solar shingles has been around for a long time (since 2005), but the idea is not catching fire in the market just quite yet nearly 15 years later.

The Durability and Longevity of Solar Shingles is Yet to Be Proven

Solar shingles are produced with thin film technology which isn’t as efficient as a regular mono-crystalline panel, which Go Solar Group sells.

Want to Do a System Take-down and Reinstall? It’s Next to Impossible with Solar Shingles.

If you’re moving to a new home with regular solar modules, you can have the panels removed and reinstalled at your new residence. Solar shingles don’t offer the same flexibility.

Because the shingles are so small, wiring is a big issue, and re-shingling your roof after your shingles have outlived their warranty could prove to be a quite a pain. Many systems that were installed in the 70s still are working today, which is over 30 years of production: That is 25 plus years that you could be saving with current proven technology instead of paying increasing rates while waiting for the newest and latest gizmo to work out the kinks.

The In-depth Arguments for Solar Shingles

There are several instances where waiting for solar shingles would be an intelligent option.

If you’re planning to get a new home in the next 5 to 10 years

Solar shingles are engineered to be an alternative to traditional roofing. This being said, it should be understood that if you’re going to get solar shingles, they are best suited for a new home. Because they are shingles, it is hard for them to be installed on a pre-existing roof.

Price is Not a Factor Whatsoever, and Aesthetics are Your Number 1 Objective

If you are heavily invested in the aesthetic appeal of solar shingles for your home, the price is a complete non-factor, and you are willing to wait several years for the technology to become more accessible, solar shingles may be a good fit for you.

If you’re worried about the aesthetics, Go Solar Group has a German-engineered 300-watt mono-crystalline panel, which comes with manufacturer warranty covering aesthetics and production. This means more solar power covering less roof space. This means better aesthetic and much more.

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