What Are Home Solar Kits?

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What are home solar panels kits?

Solar panel kits often include solar panels, mounting brackets, wiring, a charge controller, and an inverter. Solar panel kits meant to power a home or essentials continuously also include battery backup or another form of solar backup.

The necessary kit size for a home depends on how much power the homeowner uses and wants to power with solar. While some individuals want to power all of their needs with solar, others only want to offset their electricity bill.

Your goals for the solar project determine which solar panel kit will work best for you.

Difference Between Whole Home and Solar Panel Kits

When it comes to solar panel kits, there are two types to consider. These include the solar panel kit and the whole home solar panel kit.

Whole House Solar Panel Kit

Whole house solar panel kits take into account the usage of the entire home. They use this information to determine the size of the solar array and backup system necessary to meet the home’s needs.

Whole Home Battery Backup

Whole-home solar panel kits can include home batteries. These batteries help store excess solar production for nightly use. At Go Solar Group, we use the Tesla Powerwall as our preferred home battery. 

Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits have a set amount of parts. These kits typically aren’t large enough to power the usage needs of an entire household. While some DIY solar suppliers will help you determine your energy needs, it’s often up to you to determine how many kits are needed to power your home or solar project and where and how to install it.

Essential Battery Backup

Sometimes these solar power kits also come with smaller battery backup solutions. While Go Solar Group doesn’t sell preset solar panel kits, it does offer smaller battery backup options. 

Within our battery backup levels, we offer Goal Zero essential storage options. The customer’s combination of preferred Goal Zero products allows them to customize their battery backup solution. Learn more about what we offer for battery backup in our customized product suite.

Having a Company Install Solar

Solar panel kits typically are used in DIY projects, but solar installation professionals can also install them. At Go Solar Group, we take the time to determine your home’s usage and the area and angles of the roof, so we can recommend a solar array that will meet your needs. Because Go Solar Group is a solar company instead of a solar kit supplier, we take care of the installation process. To see if Go Solar Group is a good fit for you, start a solar quote. If you aren’t ready for a quote, our solar savings calculators can help you get a rough savings estimate.


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