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Meet Dennis Ratto

If you live in Reno and haven’t met Dennis, you’re probably only one degree of separation from him. Dennis isn’t just one of Nevada’s best solar consultants, he’s also a Go Solar Group customer. He was so pleased with his experience buying solar from us that he decided he had to advocate our mission full-time as a professional. His connections in the Reno solar industry ensure he is always ahead of the latest solar trends.


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Nothing upfront. Our finance options make going solar easier than ever.


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We don’t cut corners. We use the gold standard products at bargain prices.


Savings You’ll Bank On

Our average customer saves $2,000 a year with solar.

Get a free, in-person consultation with Dennis, our expert solar consultant. If you go solar with us, you can get free backup with your solar array and battery backup to make the most of your system.


Learn Everything Under The Sun

Visit the Go Solar Group blog to learn more about going solar, sustainable living and renewable energy industry news & updates.

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