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How Go Solar Group Delivers Quality Solar Solutions — in Customers' Own Words

Don't take our word for it — take our customers' word! The testimonies below are just a small representation of the many satisfied homeowners we've worked with over the years.

Quality begins with the product, and Go Solar Group doesn't disappoint. We work with industry professionals to provide our customers with products that offer a blend of affordability and quality. Our product suite lists what we have to offer our customers.

We install products that have a strong reputation. One product that makes Go Solar Group stand out among other solar companies is our battery backup selection

What to Expect When Working With GSG

“We’re just really pleased with the result of working with Go Solar.”

Wayne Sumner

At Go Solar Group, we walk each customer through their solar journey. We strive to keep communication open and honest from the first point of contact to post-installation services.

GSG Installation Process

“The city inspector told me he never has an issue with Go Solar Group installations.”

Wayne Sumner

Go Solar Group puts its best foot forward with every install and takes responsibility when mistakes happen. We take pride in our solar installations, and so does our solar installation partner, Titan.

The ROI of Residential Solar

“It’s just nice to know we have some money invested in a place that’s doing the world and me some good.”

Wayne Sumner

Adding solar to your home is an investment. Unlike other utilities, this electricity generation method helps people save money. We help our customers see these savings by designing solar arrays that help them gain the most return.

At Go Solar Group, we strive to give honest advice to potential customers. While we would like every interested party to invest in residential solar, it isn't a good fit for everyone.

While we want people to invest in our product, we focus on educating instead of the sale. We believe that the facts will do all the convincing for us. Gain more solar knowledge by exploring our blog

A Reliable Solar Installer

“I feel they are a company I can lean on and depend on.”

Steven Cummings

We are a solar company that helps our customers even after completing their installation. Go Solar Group is here to stay.

GSG's Commitment to Solar Customers

“They are committed to the long-term benefit of the customer.”

Steven Cummings

Before we even set an in-person solar consultation, we make sure solar will benefit the customer. We don't want people who aren't a good fit for solar to spend copious amounts of time looking into solar if it won't benefit them. However, even if solar isn't a good fit, we can still answer questions or point you in the right direction.

Why Long-term Relationships Matter

“They were always there for me beyond the initial sale of the system.”

Steven Cummings

For Go Solar Group, the solar company and customer relationship isn't a one-and-done thing. We want to make sure our customers have a functioning system for the duration of its warranty period. We work with all our customers to make sure they have their promised electricity offset.

Quality service goes a long way. A company can have a great product but lose customers because of terrible service.

At Go Solar Group, we strive to give our customers a quality installation. To ensure our customers get the best care, we work with Titan to install our solar arrays, because they have an exemplary service record and proven success rates for their customers.

An Honest Solar Company

“I want the truth, and I felt like we were getting that with Go Solar.”

Andrew Morgenegg

At Go Solar Group, we offer our honest assessment of your home and financial situation. This information helps homeowners determine if solar will financially benefit them.

Effortless Solar Company Scheduling

“They Coordinated and Scheduled Everything for Us.”

Andrew Morgenegg

We don't want our customers to worry about anything. To mitigate customer concerns about the process, we reach out and schedule each customer's in-person solar quote, installation, and inspections. We understand most people lead busy lives, which is why we work with each customer to ensure each appointment will work with their schedule.

Getting the Facts

“It Wasn’t a Sales Pitch. It Was Giving Us All the Facts We Needed.”

Andrew Morgenegg

Our goal at Go Solar Group is to provide customers with the facts needed to make an informed decision. From the first introduction to our website content to installation, we strive to familiarize others with the different aspects of residential solar. 

Go Solar Group and its employees want to help you with your solar installation. We care about all our customers from the first sign of interest to years after their installation.

We will answer any questions and address concerns at all stages of the solar installation process. When you install with Go Solar Group, you can rest assured that we will keep you informed throughout your solar journey with us.

A Solar Company that Values its Customers

“If you’re looking to put solar on your home, I would recommend them because of the way they treated us.”

Dave Eckersley

We value each customer at every stage in their solar journey. We want to make sure you have what you need regardless of whether you only want some answers or you've had solar with us for several years.

Quality Customer Service

“The best part was working with the people.”

Dave Eckersley

Go Solar Group is a solar company that values people. We value quality employees who care about the customers they serve.

Letting the Facts Do The Convincing

“They showed us (in contrast to competitors) what I figured would be a much better situation.”

Dave Eckersley

Go Solar Group is a solar company that believes facts do the best job convincing people of the environmental benefits and pocketbook savings. Check out our blog and website content to learn more. 

Titan - Our Solar Installation Partner & America's Very Best

Go Solar Group’s Installation Process

"I am very pleased with Titan Solar. First, the creativity in the design of my project, followed by a timely and quality installation was professionally done and beyond my expectation. Secondly, the quality and timeliness of the staff and technical support has been exceptional. I highly recommend Titan Solar."

- Jack Westermeyer: A Valued Go Solar Group Customer and Proud Owner of a Nevada Solar-powered Home. 

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