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Tesla Low Solar Quotes

Adding residential solar can become an expensive project. While this investment pays for itself over the life of the array, comparing prices allows customers to get the most out of their solar arrays. With the rollout of the new Tesla solar panel pricing, customers have even more to consider. Let’s look at how Tesla products compare to others on the market and what goes into Tesla solar pricing.

Tesla Solar Panels Review: Panasonic Pulls Out

Panasonic has a history of manufacturing Tesla solar panels, solar shingles, and home batteries. Until recently, Tesla installed Panasonic HIT cells. These solar panels ranged from 240 to 325 watts with module efficiencies between 19 and 19.7 percent.    

Now that Panasonic no longer makes Tesla solar panels and shingles, Tesla’s preferred solar panel has changed to Hanwha’s QPeak Duo Black solar panels. These solar modules range from 300 to 385 watts with efficiencies between 19.3 and 20.4 percent. 

The average wattages and efficiencies of other monocrystalline residential solar panels range from 285 to 360 watts at 15 to 20 percent efficiency. Tesla’s preferred solar panel performs better than the average solar panel. 

How Much Tesla Solar Panels Cost

Tesla has had a lot of publicity about its updated solar pricing. While 2020 solar prices average to $2.19/watt after the tax credit, Tesla now offers solar arrays that range from $2.44/watt to 1.84/watt before the federal tax credit. They also offer price matching to give them a more competitive edge. 

Telsa has reduced solar costs by decreasing its sales and marketing costs by 64 percent. These costs have diminished because the company has moved to fixed solar system sizing and single-click ordering.   

Potential Tesla Solar Marketing Problems  

While single-click ordering simplifies the solar ordering processes, some have concerns about this marketing strategy. When a solar company sizes the array to the energy consumption of the home and the layout of the roof, the homeowner gets a system that meets their energy needs. 

However, with a pre-sized system, the array often gets oversized to ensure the customer will produce enough electricity. Oversizing the system could prove a problem for areas with residential solar sizing caps.

Telsa Solar Panel Installation Pros to Consider

A couple of Tesla solar installation pros include the company warranty and installation aesthetics. Tesla offers a 12-year workmanship warranty and aesthetic appeal on its installations. While many think of Tesla’s solar shingles, they also increase the aesthetics of their solar panel installations with skirting and black-on-black solar panels.

Comparing Solar Installation Prices 

When comparing the price of Tesla solar panels to other installers, people need to consider what goes into the extra cost that Tesla removed. If these things have importance to you, other installers may better meet your needs. 

What Goes Into the Extra Solar Cost

Customization costs money. It takes time and special programs for an installer to make sure a solar array will maximize the usable areas on your roof. Installers need to take into consideration shade, usage of the homeowner, the roof layout and the sun-peak hours in the area to determine how much solar a particular home needs and meet their year-round energy needs. 

Not all roofs work with a cookie-cutter solar install. Some require a bit more finesse to make it work. The type of roof or available space may make a different installation type a better option.

What Go Solar Group Has To Offer

We believe that every solar home should have access to solar storage. However, not everyone needs a home battery. 

At Go Solar Group, we offer customized solar installations and several levels of battery backup. Together these options allow the homeowner to customize their solar array even further.


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