Why You Should Avoid Cheap Solar Companies

Cost Of Solar Panels
Why You Should Avoid Cheap Solar Companies

Finding the best deal doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest price. This concept is especially true for solar.

Solar products are not equal in quality. Products at the cheapest price often also low quality.

Purchasing cheap solar panels is a problem because they don’t last as long. These solar panels are often not as durable and are a lower wattage per panel, which means the customer would need more of them to meet their energy needs.

Whether it is Worth it to get Cheap Solar Panels

Customers want the best price. However, when the price is lower because the quality is lower, this price comparison is like comparing apples to oranges. 

Cheap solar panels are not nearly as efficient or durable as a high-quality solar panel. Choosing a quality panel brand can make all the difference. 

There are many trusted solar panel brands with high efficiencies and durability. Choosing from these brands and finding the best price for similar solar panels is the best way to compare prices.

Is Installing Your Solar Panels Worth the Savings?

One of the reasons why residential solar is popular is the savings accrued over the life of the array. High-quality solar panels save homeowners thousands of dollars.

These savings are possible for two reasons. The first reason is that solar panels last longer than the loan.

Solar loan terms are typically between 10 and 20 years. However, solar panels are often warranties for 25 years and can easily last much longer.

The second reason why solar saves money is it helps customers avoid electric rate increases and the inflation of the dollar over time. So although it may only be 10 cents per watt for utility generated electricity right now, in a couple of years, this will increase.

The Quality Solar Panel Kits Give

One option that has become increasingly popular is the option to purchase solar panel kits. These kits normally include a set amount of solar panels, wiring and an inverter. Although these kits might include quality products, this doesn’t mean it is a better option.

Solar installations are an involved process. Certain things like determining how many solar panels the home needs are often not included in a solar panel kit. Another thing to consider is the installation process.

Solar Panels and Installation

Installing solar panels requires more than just the installation of the array, which is, in and of itself, a process. Several steps also need completing before and after the solar array installation. Skipping these steps or doing them wrong could cause issues and delays later on.

However, with a solar installer, this process is a non-issue. The solar company takes care of all the details and lets the customer know where they are in the process.

The Truth About Solar Panels

The truth about solar panels is that they are not all equal. Making sure that the solar panels are high quality makes a difference in the function and longevity of the entire system.

However, this doesn’t mean that the solar array with the highest price is going to be the better option. Compare the product prices in each offer.

It also helps to understand how solar panel pricing works. What may seem like a better deal may be worse or the same as a different deal.

What a Solar Panel Price Entails

When looking at the price of solar, industry professionals often refer to price in watts. The price per watt takes all the associated costs of the solar installation and divides these costs by the size of the array.

This metric, however, doesn’t cover the costs over time that a solar array might acquire. To calculate these costs, customers need to calculate the Levelized Cost of Energy or LCOE.

Together these two costs equal the costs expected from a solar array. However, comparing these costs isn’t the only thing that should be under consideration. The services that the solar company provides are also important and can make a higher price tag worth it.

Best Place to Buy Solar Panels

The best place to purchase solar is from a full-service solar panel installer. Full-service solar companies not only install the solar array, but the company also takes care of all the other steps as well. These companies make the process simple and reduce stress for the customer.

Go Solar Group provides top-notch solar services to all its customers and takes care of them from start to finish. Take a look at the products and services we can offer with a free no-obligation quote.


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