Nevada Competitor Comparison: Simple Power Solar

Competitor Comparison
Simple Power Solar Nevada Competitor Comparison

Nevada has a lot of solar companies to pick from, which can make finding the perfect fit challenging. To decrease stress, we have simplified the process by creating competitor comparisons

These company overviews help interested parties determine which companies meet their needs. Allowing them to spend less time setting up unnecessary quotes and more time with the companies they know will meet their needs. 

This competitor comparison looks at installation options, solar products and extra perks that each company has to offer.

Considering Company Installation Options

Each solar company has different installation types. Depending on the project at hand, the installation options can make a difference in company compatibility. 

Go Solar Group Installations

At Go Solar Group, we focus on residential installations. We typically install grid-tied systems with either a ground mount or a more common rooftop installation type. However, we also have experience with pole mounts, off-grid systems, and commercial projects.

Simple Power Solar Installation Types

Simple Power Solar has a focus on residential and commercial solar projects. Their social media pages and website show a variety of solar installation types. Some of them include pole mounts, ground mounts, off-grid, and a milieu of rooftop-mounted systems. 

Company Solar Product Comparisons

The solar market has a plethora of products and brands, in particular, solar panel technology options. A homeowner who doesn’t like the look of solar panels may want a solar installer that carries solar shingles or an in-roof installation with black-on-black monocrystalline solar panels. However, an individual who wants solar for their RV may want portable solar panels. 

Typically homeowners who purchase solar invest in residential solar because of the associated savings. Unless the customer has unlimited roofspace, monocrystalline solar panels typically give customers the most bang for their buck; while still meeting their energy needs.

Comparing Solar Panels

At Go Solar Group, we typically install Axitec Monocrystalline solar panels. However, we also carry premium LG, Solaria, and Silfab modules.

Simple Solar Power doesn’t have a preferred solar panel brand. While this may give customers more customizability, if the company doesn’t purchase a bulk order, it could cost more for the customer.

Different Inverter Choices

The selection of inverter options isn’t nearly as broad as solar panels. Typically solar inverters either come as a string inverter, micro-inverter, or optimized string inverters. 

Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge optimized string inverters. These inverters mitigate shading issues while still controlling everything from the ground. 

Simple Solar Power uses microinverters. These inverters also reduce shading issues. However, because they attach to each module, it isn’t as easy to install or maintain them.

Solar Storage Options

Solar storage allows homes to store excess solar power and use it when needed instead of relying on the grid as a backup option. Solar storage options have not only become more varied, but the pricing has gone down significantly.

At Go Solar Group, we have the Tesla Powerwall as our home battery of choice. We also offer smaller solar backup options for homeowners with differing battery backup and backup needs.  

Simple Solar Power also offers the Tesla Powerall as their home battery option. Those only interested in Tesla’s home battery solution could consider either of these competitors.

A Few Extra Perks to Consider

While not typically a deciding factor, extra perks associated with different solar companies can make choosing between two well-matched options easier. While Simple Power Solar doesn’t appear to have any, Go Solar Group has a few worth noting. 

Go Solar Group’s Humanitarian Work

One of the things that set Go Solar Group apart isn’t that it supports a non-profit. It’s that this non-profit and Go Solar Group have intertwined origins, deeply rooted in the owner’s devotion to service. The founders of Go Solar Group created the company to facilitate the efforts of the non-profit 1heart1mind, which brings sustainable solutions to Ugandans in the form of clean power and education.

As part of the effort to support this non-profit, a portion of every Go Solar Group installation goes toward micro-financing revolving loans in Uganda. These loans help these community members afford solar solutions and share them with their friends and family. More clean reading light for kids at a lower price means improved education.

Go Solar Group’s Referral Program

Many solar companies have referral programs. Few have referral programs that benefit both customers and non-customers like Go Solar Group’s options.

We understand that solar isn’t a good fit for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t know someone who can make solar work. We offer incentives to those who help spread the word about our services regardless of whether they could qualify for a system themselves. 

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