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As part of a wider trend in America, Colorado has begun implementing more strict environmental protections and switching to clean energy. On top of the environmental protections already being implemented, activists have begun pushing for further clean energy policies for the 2022 legislative session. 

What Will the 2022 Colorado Climate Agenda Cover?

Colorado climate activists have an ambitious slate of proposals lined up for the coming legislative session. These proposals range from overseeing the transition away from coal by Colorado’s largest utilities to funding electric transportation. The measures will help empower public, commercial, and residential solar, along with playing nicely with Colorado’s solar incentives

Making Sure Colorado Utilities Switch From Coal Quickly

Tri-State and Xcel Energy are both set to provide their energy production plans to the Colorado General Assembly this year. These plans will lay out how the companies plan to transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy production. As such, they are very important blueprints for Colorado’s energy production going forward.

Xcel Energy’s Coal-Fired Power Plant Plan

While Tri-State’s plan is well regarded, Xcel’s plan wouldn’t stop production at their largest coal plant until 2035. As such, they are pushing for Xcel’s plan to be rejected. If Xcel were to switch away from coal this decade, they would not only help the climate but also save their customers millions of dollars.

Making Energy-Efficient Homes in Colorado

Another bill being considered by the Colorado General Assembly would require that all new homes being built would have to have efficient wiring. The wiring is installed would have to be capable of supporting residential solar panels, an electric car charger, and very energy-efficient appliances. By doing so, Colorado will ensure that its cities are ready to switch to renewable energy when the time comes. Residential solar in Colorado will be strengthened if this policy becomes law. Making more homes wired to support solar will lead to more homeowners who are able to install solar panels and battery backup.

Empowering Electric Public Transportation

The final part of Colorado’s 2022 climate agenda is increasing electric public transportation. The main concern is school buses, which expose children to toxic diesel fumes. Electric buses provide a clean alternative for school children that can also save money going forward. Additionally, activists would like Colorado to join other states in passing car pollution laws that would require all new vehicles to be emissions-free by 2035. 


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