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Colorado Has Many Hidden Solar Benefits

Solar power in Colorado comes with more benefits than just clean energy and cutting down your power bill. It can help keep your home cool during summer, keep you prepared for emergencies, and even be taken with you for the great outdoors!

Cooling Your House With Solar Panels

First up is solar cooling. There’s three ways in which rooftop solar panels help keep your home cool. They help air move over your roof, they stop sunlight from reaching your roof, and they power your AC.

Solar Panels Help Your Roof’s Air Flow

Air flow is one of the easiest ways to keep cool. When you’re hot, a breeze or air from a fan can help cool you down — even if the air itself is still warm. Without solar panels, the sun will be shining directly onto your roof and heating it up. No amount of wind will keep it cool if it’s taking direct sunlight. 

However, with solar panels, the sunlight isn’t directly hitting your roof. Instead, the panels heat up and the heat filters out into the space between your panels and roof. The wind then can scatter the heat before it spreads too far.

Solar Panels Stop Sunlight From Reaching Your Roof

As mentioned above, solar panels block sunlight. Solar panels need to absorb the most sunlight possible to function properly, so no sunlight will be getting through them. The sunlight doesn’t make it to your roof. Additionally, since solar panels are usually coated in glass, a small amount of sunlight will be reflected, further reducing the amount of sunlight that hits your roof. Note that some amount of solar glare is natural and completely harmless.

Solar Panels Power Your Air Conditioning

Finally, you have your climate control system. Climate control is one of the largest sources of emissions in the world, alongside transportation and agriculture. Most electricity in America comes from fossil fuels. The more you use your climate control during the day, the more emissions you produce. However, by going solar you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and power your air conditioning with clean energy. 

Emergency Preparedness With Solar Panels

You never know when disaster will strike. A sudden earthquake or powerful winter storm could suddenly descend. You could potentially be left without heating in the freezing cold or refrigeration for your food during the summer.

Stay Safe With Solar and Battery Backup

However, with solar panels, you will still have power during the day. This is especially true if you have battery backup, such as the Tesla Powerwall. Battery backup with solar can help you maintain electricity even at night — when your panels aren’t producing electricity. Use that electricity to keep your heating on and your food from spoiling. That’s why battery backup is one of the key steps to going fully solar-powered.

Going Portable With Your Solar Installation

When most of us go camping, we take some of the conveniences of the modern world with us. Portable stoves for cooking, space heaters for those cold nights in the tent, and let’s not forget about keeping our phones charged.

Hit the Road With Portable Solar and Battery Backup

There’s two ways to bring clean solar energy with you on your trips. The first way is to purchase portable solar panels. The other way is to utilize portable battery backup.

Portable Solar Panels for the Trail

Having a fully charged mobile phone is essential for long hiking trips. Making sure that you have a way to contact help in case something happens is one of the most important things you can do as a hiker. Your phone’s GPS system can also help you in case you get lost. Handheld solar panels can keep your phone charged during your forays into Colorado’s many beautiful natural parks.

Portable Solar Batteries for Your Vacations

Go Solar Group offers three levels of battery backup. Level Three is the stationary Tesla Powerwall, but Levels One and Two are portable Goal Zero Yeti batteries. These batteries have multiple ports on them so you can use multiple appliances at the same time. Additionally, the Level Two battery backup tier comes with a portable solar panel case, which you can use to keep your battery charged while on the go. It’s perfect for everything from a long camping trip to a short picnic.


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