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Namaste Solar - Colorado Solar Company Comparison

Finding the right solar installer is a big part of getting the best savings possible. To help Colorado homeowners choose the right solar installer for them, Go Solar Group has compared and contrasted itself to Namaste Solar. Namaste Solar is another solar company serving Colorado homeowners and one which has its own benefits — and downsides.

Comparing Namaste Solar and Go Solar Group

To best understand how these two companies compare to each other, we’re going to take a look at three major categories: the products offered by each company, the company level incentives like referrals, and the way that each company gives back to the community. 

Comparing and Contrasting Solar Products

The main factor in any solar installation is the equipment used to build it. That includes the solar panels themselves, but also things like the battery backup. Battery backup is an essential part of any modern solar installation and can help you be prepared for power outages or extreme weather. 

Go Solar Group’s Product Line

Go Solar Group offers multiple panel options to help customers customize their solar installation to best fit their situation. Some homes are going to require much more powerful solar panels than others, depending on the roof size and location. 

Firstly, Go Solar Group stocks a wide range of LG panels. These panels are noted for their efficiency and good warranties. No LG panel has less than a 20 percent efficiency rating. Additionally, Go Solar Group offers two additional panels when the LG panels won’t do the trick. Following Go Solar Group’s partnership with Titan Solar, their main solar panel — produced by Silfab and with an efficiency rating greater than 20 percent — has become available to Go Solar Group customers. Go Solar Group also offers Hanwha Q cells for those who may not need a premium panel option.

The battery backup of choice for Go Solar is the Tesla Powerwall. However, should you need smaller batteries, Go Solar also offers portable Goal Zero Yeti batteries.

Namaste Solar’s Products

Kyocera is one of the main solar panel brands offered by Namaste. While Kyocera’s panels are relatively inexpensive, they are also inefficient and don’t have a great warranty. However, Namaste Solar also offers LG, Hyundai, and SunPower solar panels, all of which are on the higher end of panel options. Additionally, they offer three types of battery backup — the Tesla Powerwall, Enphase Encharge, and the LG Energy Solution. While all of these batteries are good choices, they are also all stationary. Namaste Solar does not offer any form of portable battery backup. 

Comparing and Contrasting Referral Programs

Alongside the products offered, company-level incentives like referrals are a great way to get people interested in solar. 

Go Solar Group’s Solar Referral Program

Go Solar Group offers a referral program for both customers and non-customers. Even those who do not purchase solar can benefit from it. The amount offered per referral is $500. There is also no limit, so you can benefit from this program for as long as you have friends to purchase solar.

Namaste Solar’s Referral Program

Namaste Solar has a similar referral program. They offer $250 for residential solar referrals who go solar and $1000 for commercial referrals. Like Go Solar Group, these referrals are also unlimited. However, unlike Go Solar Group, they seem to suggest that only those who have already gone solar through them can qualify.

Comparing and Contrasting Ways To Give Back to the Community

Finally, there’s the community impact. Solar installers help the community by bringing clean energy to homes and businesses. However, solar installers also can help communities in other ways. 

Go Solar Group also runs 1hear1mind, a humanitarian effort that brings clean energy to underprivileged communities in Africa — particularly Uganda. This program brings energy to previously off-grid homes, reduces pollution, and makes it easier for children to learn. Namaste Solar, unfortunately, does not offer any comparable program. 


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