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Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer Credential

Tesla Powerwall

Go Solar Group is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer. That means that we have been given permission from Tesla to sell and install the Powerwall. We did this to provide our customers with low-cost, high-quality battery backup.

Certified Battery Backup Installers

Battery backup is becoming ever more popular with solar homeowners. After all, battery backup is the logical next step towards energy independence.

Why Did Go Solar Group Get Tesla Powerwall Certified?

Not every form of battery backup is created equal. The Tesla Powerwall is consistently rated as among the best residential solar batteries available. To bring our customers high-quality, low-priced battery backup, Go Solar Group went through the process of Tesla certification.

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Getting Tesla Certified

While more and more solar companies are offering battery backup, not all are able to provide the Tesla Powerwall to their customers. This is because the distribution of the Tesla Powerwall is limited to ensure that the installations are of high quality. Many companies are forced to rely on other forms of battery backup. We are one of the few companies in the West to provide the Tesla Powerwall to our customers.

What Does This Mean for Solar Customers?

The answer is simple: it means cost-efficient, high-quality solar batteries available for potential solar homeowners. After looking at the other options available on the market, we decided that only the Tesla Powerwall would be worthy of being our main choice for battery backup.


The Certification Process

There are prerequisites before Tesla will allow a company to become a certified installer. Becoming a certified Tesla Powerwall company is not very common because many companies do not meet these standards.


Two Steps To Certification

Firstly, Tesla will want to ensure that the local company provides quality services. Having a large presence in the region or state ensures that the company is providing those services. A small company might be providing good service and products, but it can be hard to verify because the sample size is so small. For that reason, only companies which have a proven track record will be considered for Powerwall certification. Secondly, the employees of the company seeking to be certified are required to undergo a lengthy and very substantial training process. Tesla wishes to ensure that all installations of its Powerwall are done to the highest standards.

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Advantages of the Tesla Powerwall

Why did Go Solar Group select the Tesla Powerwall as our battery backup of choice? The answer is simple — the cost vs. the benefits. When it comes to solar batteries for your home, we believe the Powerwall to be the best choice.

Powerwall Cost and Quality

One reason why the Powerwall has become one of the most popular battery backup options is because of the price. When compared to other batteries of its caliber, it comes at a much lower price point. Because it was so low-cost compared to the other options available, it quickly broke into the market and became the most popular choice for residential solar batteries. The other main reason that we have chosen the Powerwall for our third level of battery backup is because of its high quality. The Powerwall is routinely lauded for its excellent charge capacity, which is how much energy it can store at a time. Its maximum power rating — how much energy it can discharge at a time — is also very highly regarded.

Go Solar Group is dedicated to bringing our customers the best products at the best prices. From batteries to solar panels, all of our products are time-tested and affordable.

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