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Utah Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Incentives

Utah Solar Incentives

The cost to commute adds up fast. In 2016, the average motor gasoline price expenditure per Utahan was $983. While COVID-19 has pushed 2020 gas prices down, they will go back up as people start returning to their offices to work. In the past, gas prices have continued to climb. Today isn’t any different, because of the […]

Why Utahans Should Use Tesla Powerwalls With Solar

Utah Solar Incentives

Some believe solar power took a turn for the worse in November 2017 when Rocky Mountain Power nixed its 1:1 credit for excess solar-generated power sent back to the grid, reducing it to a 90 percent credit. But they couldn’t be more wrong. That’s because the less solar-generated electricity exported onto the grid by Utah […]

Utah’s State-Based Solar Tax Credit in 2020 and Beyond

Utah Solar Incentives

The fight for power within the electric industry is real. In 2017, Rocky Mountain Power, Utah’s largest electric utility, proposed a change to its Utah solar metering program.  However, because of the voice of Utah citizens, not all of the changes were imposed and a settlement resulted. The utility then agreed to implement the transitional program.  After the […]

Rocky Mountain Power, the Nest Thermostat and Solar

Utah Solar Incentives

Understanding rebates can be a bit of a pain, but that pain is forgettable once you’ve leveraged their benefits. Rocky Mountain Power has a rebate program called Wattsmart, which is relevant to environmentally and financially conscientious homeowners. Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart and Thermostat Rebates Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart incentive program encourages energy conservation. Customers receive […]

Salt Lake City’s Uncapped Renewable Energy Potential

Utah Solar Incentives

Solar is worth the investment, but the Utah solar incentives make the deal even sweeter. Incentives are made possible through solar policy. This can also be referred to as the installation climate. Utah’s Solar Panel Installation Climate As seen in the past, a solar policy can either support or kill the market. This is largely […]

Utah Smart Thermostat Incentives for Homeowners

Utah Solar Incentives

On average, Nest determined that they save their customers between $131 and $145 per year. Getting a smart thermostat for a Utah residence with solar will save you even more money. Smart thermostats are typically between $200 and $300 dollars. You could easily recoup the cost in a couple years and continue to save for […]

Utah Solar Incentives for Businesses

Utah Solar Incentives

Did you know that if you own your office building, you can write off 100 percent of the cost of commercial solar within one year, saving you dozens of thousands of dollars in operating costs over the next 25 years? And that’s just the beginning. Getting solar power for your commercial business provides a great […]

Utah Solar Incentives: What’s New in 2020

Utah Solar Incentives

Tax credits, like the federal and Utah solar tax credits, have made solar an affordable option over the years. Utah solar customer’s reliance on these credits continues today.  Tax credits have been the means for the majority of Utahan’s access to renewable energy. Combined state and federal tax credits currently cover over 26 percent of […]

Make Utah Solar Panels More Efficient With These 7 Add-Ons

Utah Solar Incentives

Finding the most efficient solar panels is important, but when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your solar panels, your behavior and how you choose to generate electricity can have a dramatic influence not just on your energy bills, but how you impact and influence the rest of your neighborhood, too. The semi-ugly truth […]

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