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Does Solar Actually Increase Utah Home Value in 2022?

Utah Solar FAQs

The jury is out. While solar panels have been shown to increase home value on average across the country, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it increases home value in Utah. Let’s take a look at the evidence. Do Solar Panels Raise Home Value on Average? If we zoom out and approach things from a national […]

Utah Solar Carport Installation FAQs

Utah Solar FAQs

Some homeowners aren’t able to have solar panels on their roofs for one reason or another. A potential solution is installing solar panels in your backyard. However, not everybody has a backyard — or other spaces — to install solar panels on. For people who fall into this category, a solar carport is a potential […]

What’s the Utah HOA Solar Access Law?

Utah Solar FAQs

Solar has become a popular commodity in Utah. It is hard to drive down the street without seeing at least one home with solar panels. However, for those in Home Owners Associations (HOA) installing solar has been a bit of a struggle. Although there isn’t a very high percentage of Utahans in HOAs, the numbers […]

What Custom Utah Solar Looks Like

Utah Solar FAQs

Something resonates deep inside when we hear the word “custom.” Everyone loves the idea of being unique and having a product fit their needs perfectly. However, in the Utah solar industry, this word is tossed around all too readily. Weeding Out Fake Utah Solar Customization Claims Solar panels can and should be customized to fit […]

What Are Utah’s Biggest Solar Myths?

Utah Solar FAQs

Many myths surround solar panels, but together we will bust them. By giving you the facts, we plan to help you find the truth in today’s confusing sea of solar fiction. Utah Solar Calls Are a Scam We can all relate to getting sales calls that we don’t want. They can be annoying and inconvenient.  […]

Will I Benefit From SLC Solar Installation?

Utah Solar FAQs

Before getting residential solar for your Utah home, your candidacy needs examination. You and your home need to be the right fit for solar energy. You also need to make sure your goals are in alignment with the purpose of solar energy. Utah Residential Solar Power: Worth It? The first major thing to consider is […]

Is DIY Solar a Good Idea in Utah?

Utah Solar FAQs

Sometimes the pros of having a professional do the job make it worth the extra cost. While wholesale solar for Utah homes costs less, installing solar isn’t a simple DIY project. We want to make sure we use our expertise to help you accomplish one of two objectives: Avoid making mistakes with DIY solar or […]

What Are Utah’s General Solar Policies?

Utah Solar FAQs

Keeping up to date on solar policy in Utah will help guide your decisions. Here are a couple of policy-related topics that will serve you well should you decide to stay up-to-date on them. Utah Public Utilities Commission Knowing what your utility company’s regulations for solar customers are will help you know if it is […]

What Are Good Places to Learn Utah Solar?

Utah Solar FAQs

Finding credible solar information can be difficult. There are, however, five sites that give credible information on this topic. Don’t forget to check these sites out in your quest for answers. 5. Utah Solar Energy Association (USEA) The USEA’s mission is to promote the growth of Utah’s solar industry. They meet their goals through public […]

Top Misconceptions About Utah Solar

Utah Solar FAQs

Don’t let Utah Solar misconceptions fool you. Being aware of the real value will save you money and provide a more rewarding solar experience. 5. All Utah Solar Warranties Are Equal  Unfortunately, not everyone is there to help the customer. Not every panel has the same warranty coverage or length. Paying attention to your panel […]

Solar Panels in Salt Lake City: From Production Tto Processes

Utah Solar FAQs

Solar panels in Salt Lake City, one of the biggest solar hubs in the Intermountain West, aren’t just “nice to have” for this city’s residents. Rather, they’re long-term solutions to the impending nonrenewable energy crisis, which can be overruled by a citizenry dedicated to sustaining scaleable renewable energy resources, such as Salt Lake City solar-powered […]

What Is the Average Household Energy Usage in Utah?

Utah Solar FAQs

If you are looking into solar for your home, you may be asking yourself: “How many watts does it take to power a house?” Well, it depends. It depends on your energy usage, which is very much related to the size of your home and your energy usage habits. The US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) […]

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