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Solar Panel Cleaning: What Homeowners Should Know

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Utah homeowners with solar-powered homes know that solar is a wise investment — but not a cheap one. If you’re a Utahan with a solar home, however, what you don’t know about solar panel cleaning can hurt you. Cleaning a solar array effectively to maximize efficiency and panel production is, in conjunction with getting the […]

How Solar Influences Utah’s 2019 Environmental Progress

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Utah Valley pollution continually increases. This, however, doesn’t need to be the case. Utah is starting to make some environmental changes and you can, too, with the help of residential solar power. Utah Climate Change and Solar Utah has been warming up, which means the hot dry summer months are even more barren than they […]

How Solar Can Fix Utah’s Inversion Problem

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Hearts sink with the thought of firefighters doing their best to put out the flames of wildfires across the West every summer. Utah’s hazy valley, however, isn’t only from the large fires set ablaze in the West. Pollution is one of the main causes of low air quality in the valley. Addressing this issue will […]

Become a Prosumer for Utah’s Energy Efficiency Efforts

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

As people that care about their community and family health, it is in solar customers’ best interest to become prosumers. A prosumer is a consumer that takes an active role. Individuals can help their environment by buying products and doing things that promote healthy living. Rocky Mountain Power Efficiency Incentives One way to participate in […]

The Ethical Arguments for Utah Solar Energy

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Solar energy is not just an environmental push. Other ethical arguments support it too. Take a look at how solar is influencing the world.  Solar Generates Energy Independence for Utahans The American dream is one of comfort and sustainability. Most look forward to this at retirement; they work their whole lives to achieve this goal. […]

Utah Clean Energy Facts To Prepare Citizens for 2018

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Of all the facts on Utah’s clean energy one can pull from the web, most reveal the same general trend: Utah’s sustainable energy solutions can and should be revamped. If Utah’s citizens are to improve the state’s rank of being serious about clean energy, along with the future as well, it should take note of […]

What Makes Solar Energy Green in Utah?

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

What makes solar energy green is the system’s renewable source of energy. The sun isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And let’s be honest. When it does burn out, electricity will be the least of our worries. When a photovoltaic system harvests energy from the sun, you have emission-free electricity. This is especially helpful in […]

6 Things Utah Residents Can Do To Offset Traffic Smog

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Smog in Salt Lake City, Utah is putting Utahans in imminent danger. As the population increases with the Silicon Slopes tech movement, pollution from cars is escalating with heightened highway transit. As you can guess, the health effects of smog are ever-increasing as studies continue to prove the relationship between air pollution and disease. The […]

Why Solar Is Just One Solution to Utah Air Pollution

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Air pollution solutions need to be a high priority for any of us Utahans that hate seeing that hazy smog layered across the valley. Solar-powered solutions are great remedies for air pollution and fighting inversion. However, it can also be as simple as switching the lights off when you leave a room, but there are […]

Effects of Air Pollution Stir Illness in Salt Lake County

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Everyone knows that the terrible effects of air pollution on the environment are increasing. However, most don’t know that, while living in Salt Lake Valley comes with one of the most beautiful mountain views, the air pollution is slowly worsening the quality of life for Salt Lake County residents. While environmental causes for illness are […]

What You Should Know About Utah Air Quality

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

What Is the State of Air Quality in Utah? Utah air quality hit an all-time low at the beginning of the new year. It is no secret that the Utah air quality in the Greater Salt Lake area is some of the worst air in the country. On any given day in February, you can […]

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