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Free Solar Panels in Utah: Clarifying the Myth

Utah Solar Costs

With the ever-increasing popularity of residential solar have come a host of unscrupulous sales tactics. Chief among these is the idea of free solar panels. Do free solar panel installations even exist? If not, then what’s the catch? Free Solar Panels Do Not Exist in Utah A common solar scam in recent years has been […]

How Much Do Utah Solar Panels Cost in 2022?

Utah Solar Costs

The price of installing fluctuates year by year and also will vary based on where you live. Keeping an eye on the prices of solar on a year-by-year basis is a good way to determine whether it’s right for you to go solar in Utah. While some want solar solely for environmental reasons, this isn’t the […]

Utahans Should Avoid Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Utah Solar Costs

Power purchase agreements, also known as PPAs, were started in the solar industry to ease the financial burden of installing solar panels. The problem is that this financial option has more cons than pros. For Utahans considering a power purchase agreement, it is wise to look at the fine details before making a decision. The […]

Cost of Utah Solar Panel Installations in 2018

Utah Solar Costs

As the new year starts, Utah’s 2018 solar panel costs have changed in some respects. In order to find exact costs, you will want to get a couple of quotes and decide which option is best for you.  If you want to have a better idea of what solar is going to cost, you will […]

Why Utah Electricity Costs Justify Residential Solar

Utah Solar Costs

Already, rising energy prices are projected to inflate even more drastically over the next 25 years (the minimum warrantied lifetime of solar panels), and the trend won’t wane from 2017 to 2018. Nationwide, utility bills have been increasing at an annual rate between 4 and 7 percent. Thanks to Warren Buffett, homeowners in Utah could […]

Utah Solar Panel Quotes: Finding the Best Ones Quickly

Utah Solar Costs

Knowing where to look for a solar panel quote in the state of Utah can be challenging. The first step to getting a quality quote is understanding how solar companies find customers. How the Solar Sales Process Works in Giving Solar Panel Quotes Most solar companies get their customers through lead source companies. Lead source […]

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