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New Utah PSC Solar Rate Met with Pushback

Net Metering & Utah Solar

In 2017, the Public Service Commission (PSC) agreed with Rocky Mountain Power and solar advocates to reduce the then one-to-one net metering program to 90 percent of the retail value. While the RMP settlement provided better terms than Rocky Mountain Power’s original proposal, the PSC still had plans to revisit the net metering rate in […]

Rocky Mountain Power’s 2020 Proposed Net Metering Changes

Net Metering & Utah Solar

In 2017, Rocky Mountain Power proposed a net metering rate for solar customers that would have made solar unfavorable to homeowners. To make sure a rate change is fair, the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Utah implemented a transition rate and solar generation study instead.  This new rate decreased customer compensation for excess generated solar […]

Non-RMP Utah Net Metering Policies

Net Metering & Utah Solar

Most of Utah has Rocky Mountain Power as their utility. However, there are smaller municipal utilities across Utah. Some of these utilities have great net metering policies in place. There are, however, some solar policies that don’t make financial sense. If you live in one of these areas and want solar regardless, Go Solar Group […]

Utah Solar Panels and Net Metering: What You Should Know

Net Metering & Utah Solar

Since solar power systems don’t gather energy when the sun is down, solar homes need a storage device. A history of high battery backup prices has made net and tariff metering the norm for solar customers.  Federal storage incentives have already made storage an option for many. As time passes, storage devices will become even […]

Utah Net Metering Changes: Why Solar Companies Will Still Thrive

Net Metering & Utah Solar

The last, and greatest, of a free market’s purposes is to deliver the right solutions to those who demand them. Therefore, as nonrenewable energy resources become increasingly scarce and susceptible to higher prices, the solar industry and residential solar prospects should remain undaunted by Utah’s minor changes in solar incentives. Contrary to uninformed opinion, Utah […]

Why Utah Residents Should Go Solar Before Nov. 15, 2017

Net Metering & Utah Solar

Would you turn down an investment that guarantees 10 percent return on your surplus energy over the course of 18 years? If you’re considering solar, and the answer is no, you better have a rooftop solar solution locked in by Nov. 14th this year. If you don’t, however, it isn’t the end of the world […]

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