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How To Increase Utah Home Value With Photovoltaics

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

While many like the idea of solar, many Utahns have yet to experience its benefits. Often these individuals believe solar won’t add value to the house and will compromise the integrity of the roof, which may impact the roof’s durability in the event of a storm, therein compromising the potential market value of the home. […]

2020 Utah Solar Trends

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

There has been a lot of commotion within the Utah solar community as of late. Last year, news spread of Rocky Mountain Power decreasing energy efficiency programs. And lots of energy news this year has circulated around the current fight over the use of recently released public lands. The Utah trends of 2020 are going […]

Why Solar Is Worth It in Utah: Coal Is Phasing Out

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

Because solar is a big ticket item, considering whether it is a viable option is important. The first step to determine if solar is right for you is taking a look at your state. Does Solar Make Sense in Utah? Utah has some good policies in place that have kept solar alive. Not only does […]

Utah Solar Customers During Davis County Power Outage

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

In today’s society, power is key to our daily routine. Electricity provides everyday conveniences; most, however, don’t think about their reliance on electricity until it’s gone. The longer your power is out, the more you feel it. Not having power for a couple of minutes is a bit annoying, but an hour or two without […]

Products & Utilities Make SLC Solar Viable

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

The State of Utilities in Utah Today Although there are several smaller utility companies, Utah’s major utility is Rocky Mountain Power. Petroleum, natural gas, and coal are the main sources of energy in Utah. Renewable energy is not mainstream, but it is the best choice for you and your neighbors. Coal power: Is the number […]

Why Utah Solar Panels Mean Social Status

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

Quality solar panels are your ticket to higher living. Within the last 10 years, solar installations have boomed. This is because those that care about the future have invested in this technology. Take a look at your neighborhood. More and more homes have solar panels installed. Is this just a trend, or is there more […]

Utah Solar Prospectus: 2018 and Beyond

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

Did you know the sun produces enough energy in one-fourth of an hour to supply the entire world with electricity for an entire year? Imagine the possibilities that the tremendous energy emitted by the sun can have. These possibilities are being realized through photovoltaic solar panels. Utah solar initiatives allow qualified Utahans to get solar […]

2018 Advantages of Utah Solar

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

When people talk about solar, there are some main topics that everyone knows about. These include saving money, federal tax credits, state incentives and helping the environment. These are all great ways in which solar can be a benefit to you. There are, however, less frequently mentioned benefits to solar, which we’ll cover in this […]

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Utah? History Reveals All

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

Today, as never before, humankind has so profoundly advanced one of its tools that it now functions in elegant alignment with the unvarnished mechanical order of the universe. This tool’s harmonic function stems from a lustrous interplay of carbon-swept cosmic winds and the stardust comprising our very bones, revealing in its grandeur the relationship between […]

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