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How Residential Solar Reduces Utah Heat Wave Grid Impact

Utah Solar & Clean Energy

Summer is coming, and Utahans know what that means — heat. Electricity usage explodes each year as the Beehive State starts warming up. Air conditioning is a must for those hot months, but as electricity usage increases, the strain on the electricity grid increases too. The grid is where most homes get their electricity. What does […]

Does Solar Actually Increase Utah Home Value in 2022?

Utah Solar FAQs

The jury is out. While solar panels have been shown to increase home value on average across the country, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it increases home value in Utah. Let’s take a look at the evidence. Do Solar Panels Raise Home Value on Average? If we zoom out and approach things from a national […]

Free Solar Panels in Utah: Clarifying the Myth

Utah Solar Costs

With the ever-increasing popularity of residential solar have come a host of unscrupulous sales tactics. Chief among these is the idea of free solar panels. Do free solar panel installations even exist? If not, then what’s the catch? Free Solar Panels Do Not Exist in Utah A common solar scam in recent years has been […]

Utah Solar Carport Installation FAQs

Utah Solar FAQs

Some homeowners aren’t able to have solar panels on their roofs for one reason or another. A potential solution is installing solar panels in your backyard. However, not everybody has a backyard — or other spaces — to install solar panels on. For people who fall into this category, a solar carport is a potential […]

How Much Do Utah Solar Panels Cost in 2022?

Utah Solar Costs

The price of installing fluctuates year by year and also will vary based on where you live. Keeping an eye on the prices of solar on a year-by-year basis is a good way to determine whether it’s right for you to go solar in Utah. While some want solar solely for environmental reasons, this isn’t the […]

New Utah PSC Solar Rate Met with Pushback

Net Metering & Utah Solar

In 2017, the Public Service Commission (PSC) agreed with Rocky Mountain Power and solar advocates to reduce the then one-to-one net metering program to 90 percent of the retail value. While the RMP settlement provided better terms than Rocky Mountain Power’s original proposal, the PSC still had plans to revisit the net metering rate in […]

How To Increase Utah Home Value With Photovoltaics

Is Utah Solar Worth It?

While many like the idea of solar, many Utahns have yet to experience its benefits. Often these individuals believe solar won’t add value to the house and will compromise the integrity of the roof, which may impact the roof’s durability in the event of a storm, therein compromising the potential market value of the home. […]

Utah Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Incentives

Utah Solar Incentives

The cost to commute adds up fast. In 2016, the average motor gasoline price expenditure per Utahan was $983. While COVID-19 has pushed 2020 gas prices down, they will go back up as people start returning to their offices to work. In the past, gas prices have continued to climb. Today isn’t any different, because of the […]

Passive Versus Active Solar in Utah

Utah Residential Solar

Passive solar is the use of different building materials to control the heat from the sun. Passive solar design is when homes use building materials such as insulation and energy-efficient windows to help the home heat and cool itself.  Active solar uses the sun to generate electricity through the help of solar panels. Because of how solar panels […]

Utahans Should Avoid Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Utah Solar Costs

Power purchase agreements, also known as PPAs, were started in the solar industry to ease the financial burden of installing solar panels. The problem is that this financial option has more cons than pros. For Utahans considering a power purchase agreement, it is wise to look at the fine details before making a decision. The […]

Rocky Mountain Power’s 2020 Proposed Net Metering Changes

Net Metering & Utah Solar

In 2017, Rocky Mountain Power proposed a net metering rate for solar customers that would have made solar unfavorable to homeowners. To make sure a rate change is fair, the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Utah implemented a transition rate and solar generation study instead.  This new rate decreased customer compensation for excess generated solar […]

What’s the Utah HOA Solar Access Law?

Utah Solar FAQs

Solar has become a popular commodity in Utah. It is hard to drive down the street without seeing at least one home with solar panels. However, for those in Home Owners Associations (HOA) installing solar has been a bit of a struggle. Although there isn’t a very high percentage of Utahans in HOAs, the numbers […]

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