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The State-based Solar Tax Credit in 2019 and Beyond

Utah Solar Incentives

The fight for power within the electric industry is real. In 2017, Rocky Mountain Power, Utah’s largest electric utility, proposed a change to its Utah solar metering program. A settlement was reached, and the utility agreed to implement the transitional program. After the transitional program, the proposed metering rates will be re-assessed. This agreement, however, […]

2019 Utah Solar Panels Facts

Utah Residential Solar

Utah is a great place to have solar panels, especially in 2019 (before the ITC will be prorated in 2020). This is because there are also several other Utah factors that make solar a good option. What Makes Utah Solar Desirable in 2019 When you look across the valley, solar is popping up everywhere. Many […]

2020 Utah Solar Trends

Are solar panels worth it in Utah?

There has been lots of commotion within the Utah solar community as of late. Last year, news spread of Rocky Mountain Power decreasing energy efficiency programs. And lots of energy news this year has circulated around the current fight over the use of recently released public lands. The Utah Trends of 2020 are going to […]

Salt Lake City’s Uncapped Renewable Energy Potential

Utah Solar Incentives

Solar is worth the investment, but the Utah solar incentives make the deal even sweeter. Incentives are made possible through solar policy. This can also be referred to as the installation climate. Utah’s Solar Panel Installation Climate As seen in the past,a solar policy can either support or kill the market. This is largely due […]

Utah Weather Pattern’s Impact on Solar Energy

Utah Residential Solar

The weather has a lot to do with how a solar array is designed. Here are some ways that solar panels are affected by Utah weather. How Weather Affects Usage Patterns Within the Home Weather impacts both our energy use and our panel productivity. The ironic part is that both are affected in different ways. […]

Utah Solar Competitor Comparison: Go Solar Group VS Auric

Competitor Comparison

We understand finding the right solar company is a bit of a hassle. As a result, we have taken the burden of comparing the competition on our shoulders. This comparison gives Utah solar customers as complete a picture as possible of  Go Solar Group and Auric. Taking a Look at Company Ratings Most people that […]

Why Getting Solar in Utah Is Worth It

Utah Solar

The State of Utilities in Utah Today Although there are several smaller utility companies Utah’s major utility is Rocky Mountain Power. Petroleum natural gas and coal are the main sources of energy in Utah. Renewable energy is not mainstream, but it is the best choice for you and your neighbors. Coal power: is the number-one […]

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