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New PSC Solar Rate Met with Pushback

Utah Net Metering Changes

In 2017, the Public Service Commission (PSC) agreed with Rocky Mountain Power and solar advocates to reduce the then one-to-one net metering program to 90 percent of the retail value. While the RMP settlement provided better terms than Rocky Mountain Power’s original proposal, the PSC still had plans to revisit the net metering rate in […]

How To Increase Utah Home Value With Photovoltaics

Are solar panels worth it in Utah?

While many like the idea of solar, many Utahns have yet to experience its benefits. Often these individuals believe solar won’t add value to the house and will compromise the integrity of the roof, which may impact the roof’s durability in the event of a storm, therein compromising the potential market value of the home. […]

Plug-In Hybrids, EVs and Residental Solar

Benefits In Utah For A Home Solar System

The cost to commute adds up fast. In 2016, the average motor gasoline price expenditure per Utahan was $983. While COVID-19 has pushed 2020 gas prices down, they will go back up as people start returning to their offices to work. In the past, gas prices have continued to climb. Today isn’t any different, because of the […]

Nevada Competitor Comparison: Intermountain Wind & Solar

Competitor Comparison

Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS) has several locations. However, Go Solar Group competes with them mainly in Nevada. Interested homeowners in these markets should gain a full understanding of how these two solar companies compare since both are viable options. Comparing solar companies can seem like a Herculean task, and that is why we’ve put […]

Nevada Competitor Comparison: Blue Raven Solar

Competitor Comparison

Every solar company has pros and cons. While going through them can become a daunting task, having the facts makes the decision easier. Both Blue Raven Solar and Go Solar Group service Nevada locations. Blue Raven Solar has many positive customer reviews. However, just because the company has positive reviews doesn’t mean it will have […]

Passive Versus Active Solar in Utah

Utah Residential Solar

Passive solar is the use of different building materials to control the heat from the sun. Passive solar design is when homes use building materials such as insulation and energy-efficient windows to help the home heat and cool itself.  Active solar uses the sun to generate electricity through the help of solar panels. Because of how solar panels […]

Avoid Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Cost Of Utah Solar Panel Installations

Power purchase agreements, also known as PPAs, were started in the solar industry to ease the financial burden of installing solar panels. The problem is that this financial option has more cons than pros. For Utahans considering a power purchase agreement, it is wise to look at the fine details before making a decision. The […]

Rocky Mountain Power’s 2020 Proposed Net Metering Changes

Utah Solar Policy

In 2017, Rocky Mountain Power proposed a net metering rate for solar customers that would have made solar unfavorable to homeowners. To make sure a rate change is fair, the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Utah implemented a transition rate and solar generation study instead.  This new rate decreased customer compensation for excess generated solar […]

HOA and Solar Access Law

Utah Solar Policy

Solar has become a popular commodity in Utah. It is hard to drive down the street without seeing at least one home with solar panels. However, for those in Home Owners Associations (HOA) installing solar has been a bit of a struggle. Although there isn’t a very high percentage of Utahans in HOAs, the numbers […]

Solar Panel Cleaning: What Homeowners Should Know

Utah Clean Energy

Utah homeowners with solar-powered homes know that solar is a wise investment — but not a cheap one. If you’re a Utahan with a solar home, however, what you don’t know about solar panel cleaning can hurt you. Cleaning a solar array effectively to maximize efficiency and panel production is, in conjunction with getting the […]

Why Utahans Should Use Tesla Powerwalls With Solar

Utah Solar Incentives

Some believe solar power took a turn for the worse in November 2017 when Rocky Mountain Power nixed its 1:1 credit for excess solar-generated power sent back to the grid, reducing it to a 90 percent credit. But they couldn’t be more wrong. That’s because the less solar-generated electricity exported onto the grid by Utah […]

Renewable Energy for New Utah Homes: A Quick Guide

Utah Solar FAQs

Solar energy for Utah homeowners has, in a sense, become its own form of social currency and social status: Homeowners with solar power in the Beehive State have a rooftop adornment that readily showcases their commitment to energy independence, financial intelligence, and commitment to environmental improvements — the final of these items being something of […]

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