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How the Proposed 2021 EV (Electric Vehicle) Tax Credit Works

Solar Policies & Laws

Taxes can be difficult to understand even at the best of times — just ask half of Americans each April. Even companies can have difficulties with taxes, which is why the Senate Finance Committee is trying to simplify the process for  EVs through the Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator Act. Below are the basics of […]

The Green New Deal and Residential Solar

Solar Policies & Laws

The recent hyper-focus on global warming has brought with it a national push for the Green New Deal. The idea of the Green New Deal, however, isn’t that new. The idea of becoming less fossil fuel dependent first came to light in the 1970s. However, the phrase “Green New Deal” was first used by Thomas […]

Should Photovoltaic Panels Be a Home Requirement?

Solar Policies & Laws

On May 9, 2018, California’s energy commission mandated that new homes have photovoltaic arrays. Starting in 2020, this new provision will be in effect. With this decision to make solar a requirement has come controversy. Many points for and against mandated solar have come to light. Until California works out the kinks, other states probably […]

Net Metering Policies in the 10 Most Popular States for Solar

Solar Policies & Laws

States with generous net metering policies tend to do better in the solar market. Having a good metering agreement makes the ROI of solar higher for homeowners and businesses. Until home batteries become cheaper, solar will stay grid-tied. Consequently, most solar customers stay connected to the grid. The 10 most popular states for solar prove […]

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