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5 Things Real Estate Builders Should Know About Solar Panels

Solar Powered Ideas

Video Transcription Custom Builder Video Introduction and Question As we’ve seen in California, it’s important for builders to stay in the know about this alternative energy source. I spoke with a custom builder and solar panel installer and here are five things they say builders should know. Go Solar Group’s Highlighted Responses Below are Go […]

6 Steps to Valuable Solar Architecture

Solar Powered Ideas

These six inspired solar architecture ideas will increase the value of your home regardless of your reason for implementing them. Adding solar to a pre-existing home can limit the solar panel options. However, that doesn’t invalidate these methods. Installing solar on a pre-existing home can increase its value while saving the homeowner thousands on electricity bills. […]

Solar Power Facts from Solar Energy Experts

Solar Powered Ideas

When considering solar power for a home, all the aspects need consideration. While solar is a financially sound decision for homeowners, solar energy experts know that other facts, along with the ROI of solar, make photovoltaics a sound investment.   Saving money may be one of the main reasons individuals and companies invest in solar. However, it […]

Improving Solar Permitting in the United States

Solar Powered Ideas

Are you in the middle of building a new home or just adding on? These all require building permits. In fact, permits are one of the necessary evils that every building project faces. Permitting ensures the project is safe. The city or county issues permits when a project’s plans are up to code. Legally, projects […]

Solving the World’s Problems 1 Solar Tent at a Time

Solar Powered Ideas

The world is filled with problems. If an individual were to look around, they would be sure to find more things needing improvement than things that are already perfect. Those who find ways to solve these issues are the ones who will make the world a better place. Groups of people are working together to […]

7 Celebrities Who Stand Behind Solar Energy

Solar Powered Ideas

With money to blow, it is intriguing to see what some celebrities are willing to spend their money on. Sometimes, however, having wealth means more than buying whatever you want. Many wealthy individuals also have the means to back causes they believe in. Solar is a cause worth investing in and these seven celebrities agree. […]

What Is Go Solar Group’s Mission?

Solar Powered Ideas

Go Solar Group’s mission is to provide quality solar products and premier customer service. Our company blossomed from a desire to help others and today it continues to pursue that goal, albeit in a different way. This company was founded in 2009 to provide clean solar energy in Uganda and improve education and safety of […]

How We Broaden Solar’s Purpose in Africa

Solar Powered Ideas

A Ugandan child sits in his room, craning his neck upward and fixing his eyes upon the inextinguishable light radiating from the lightbulb atop his desk, revealing a gaze as emboldened as it is impassioned by the mind behind it. “I feel like I’m looking up into heaven,” he remarks. He knows he’s inside his […]

5 Awkward Conversations Solar Prevents

Solar Powered Ideas

Even awkward silences are less awkward than these conversations, many of which can be easily prevented with a simple solar panel installation for your home. 5. The ‘Thermostat Wars’ Conversation: Young Couples, Beware Photo credit: Men and women comprising married couples across the nation will have their thermostat wars ‘until death do them apart.’ […]

10 Timeless Quotes Proving Solar Matters

Solar Powered Ideas

Solar projects matter for many reasons, but the inspirational quotes below demonstrate why better than any company ever will. Clean, renewable energy sources like solar are about more than corporate interest — they’re about the future we build today, and the future we will leave behind for our children. Not only do the following quotes […]

Being a Solar CEO: Lessons on Workplace Energy

Solar Powered Ideas

As a solar company CEO, I’ve learned many unexpected lessons about a form of energy seemingly different yet related to solar energy — energy in the workplace.   I know how to manage people’s electricity usage within the walls of their homes, helping them reduce power bills and establish energy independence. But that’s just the […]

9 Rooftop Failures Proving Solar Panels Look Beautiful

Solar Powered Ideas

Solar panels look amazing, period. But they look even more amazing when contrasted with some of the ridiculous things people decide (intentionally or unintentionally) to sport on their roofs. Solar panels are now a big part of the American Dream, but there are a select few who purchased their homes for curb appeal, and therefore […]

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