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Fossil Fuels Versus Renewable Energy Subsidies

Solar & the Environment

Some argue that we shouldn’t support solar because the subsidies that make it affordable come from taxpayers. Taxes, however, subsidize a wide range of energy products, not just solar. Let’s shed some light on how energy subsidies work. What Energy Subsidies Do and How they Work A subsidy, according to the World Trade Organization, includes […]

The Impact of Making Climate Change a National Security Threat

Solar & the Environment

When one considers climate change, their first thought is not often, “How does this intersect with national security?” However, the two topics have become intertwined. Threats to American national security, originating both at home and abroad, connect to climate change in multiple ways. The Threats Global Warming Poses Global warming, while not the only form […]

Alternatives to Carbon Tax: Will They Work?

Solar & the Environment

Many solar proponents feel strongly about the benefits of carbon taxes. However, not everyone agrees that this tax best promotes renewables, such as solar energy. Before diving into other options, let’s look at carbon taxes. Understanding what carbon taxes do and why they receive pushback will help us better understand why pro-renewable states should consider […]

Defining the Renewable Energy Portfolio

Solar & the Environment

In America, energy portfolios help make solar a viable option, but not everyone knows what this term means. Every industry has terminology that is only understood within it. These terms can be detrimental when the terminology impacts others outside the industry. Renewable Energy Portfolios are one of these terms. A Renewable Energy Portfolio is more than a […]

5 Health Benefits Of Going Solar

Solar & the Environment

Health is an important part of life. If we aren’t healthy, we can’t enjoy life or perform normal daily activities. Here are five ways in which you can improve health with your solar installation. 1. Using Solar to Preserve Nature As areas continue to become more industrialized, vegetation and wildlife are displaced. As cities continue […]

How Businesses Can Promote Greener Workplaces

Solar & the Environment

Many companies want to create a healthy work environment. The beauty of creating a green workplace is that it promotes long-term health.   The Benefits of Creating a Green Workplace for the Company There are many ways in which you can create a greener work environment. Which steps are best for you depend upon your […]

5 Green Resolutions to Make in the New Year

Solar & the Environment

The New Year is a time to make goals for self-improvement and the world around you. While going green may seem like a daunting task, there are simple steps you can take to make your world a little greener by 2020. 1. Switch to Reusable Water Bottles and Straws One of the simplest ways to […]

Building a More Eco-Friendly Home

Solar & the Environment

Your Free Custom Solar Quote Living a natural lifestyle brings so many benefits to body, mind, and spirit — and there are so many things we can do to make the shift. Many are simple, small changes that can be done anywhere, such as switching to natural body care and cleaning products, or using reusable […]

The Environment Runs on Solar: Here’s How We Can Too

Solar & the Environment

When Edison invented the light bulb, it appeared as if he had accomplished the objective in a quick time frame. However, it took more than 1,000 attempts. Today, the light bulb is so iconic and automatic that we can’t fully leverage solar power in our homes without it. This leads us to an ever-important question: […]

Using Solar Power To Go Green

Solar & the Environment

Go Solar Group wants to “walk the talk” when it comes to claims about the environmental benefits of solar power. Not just in terms of energy production, but also in how the solar panels are manufactured. Yes, solar helps you, “Go green,” but we also want to make sure solar companies buy from environmentally responsible […]

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