New Mexico Climate Solutions Act

Solar Legislation

While the 2021 legislative session did not pass New Mexico Climate Solutions Act, it’s likely to return in the 2022 legislative session. One reason why this bill will likely come back involves the efforts it makes to include community members in the challenges of climate change. As this bill or another similar to it will most […]

The Impact of Making Climate Change a National Security Threat


When one considers climate change, their first thought is not often, “How does this intersect with national security?” However, the two topics have become intertwined. Threats to American national security, originating both at home and abroad, connect to climate change in multiple ways. The Threats Global Warming Poses Global warming, while not the only form […]

Alternatives to Carbon Tax: Will They Work?

Sustainable Living

Many solar proponents feel strongly about the benefits of carbon taxes. However, not everyone agrees that this tax best promotes renewables, such as solar energy. Before diving into other options, let’s look at carbon taxes. Understanding what carbon taxes do and why they receive pushback will help us better understand why pro-renewable states should consider […]

Solar & Blockchain Platforms

Solar Industry Predictions

Individuals can generate their power through residential solar. However, often when a solar array produces more than it needs, the utility pays less per watt than they charge their customers.  This excess energy goes onto the grid and then on to neighbors’ homes in the area. Neighbors who don’t have solar, but want to participate […]

Why COVID-19 Is Turning Homeowners to Solar Energy

Sustainable Living

Although COVID-19 has negatively impacted the global economic climate since March this year, the downturn has not gone without its valuable lessons. At the very least, this pandemic has made it clear which forms of energy will sustain our future. With the uncertainty COVID-19 and future pandemics bring to our energy infrastructure, homeowners are in a […]

Rocky Mountain Power’s 2020 Proposed Net Metering Changes

Solar Legislation

In 2017, Rocky Mountain Power proposed a net metering rate for solar customers that would have made solar unfavorable to homeowners. To make sure a rate change is fair, the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Utah implemented a transition rate and solar generation study instead.  This new rate decreased customer compensation for excess generated solar […]

Positive Post Solar Installation Habits

Sustainable Living

Solar energy is a great way to decrease electric bills, but these savings can increase. By changing some habits, solar can help customers save even more. There are several reasons for purchasing solar. However, the driving motivator in the United States is often monetary. Solar customers already receive a return on investment. With these savings […]

Industries That are Better off With Solar

Solar Industry Predictions

Solar is a booming industry; however, it isn’t the only beneficiary. Other players also benefit from the increase in photovoltaics. There is a wide range of industries that profit from solar. It impacts everything from raw materials to the recycling. Let’s take a look at these industries and how solar is impacting them. Solar Panel […]

The Green New Deal and Residential Solar

Solar Legislation

The recent hyper-focus on global warming has brought with it a national push for the Green New Deal. The idea of the Green New Deal, however, isn’t that new. The idea of becoming less fossil fuel dependent first came to light in the 1970s. However, the phrase “Green New Deal” was first used by Thomas […]

Power Continuity with Digitalization and Renewable Energy

Solar Industry Predictions

Power continuity is a major concern. Solving this issue, however, will require more than a bandaid fix. That is why experts in the field have paired grid updates with renewable energy. The future of utility reliability is dependent on the co-dependence of renewables and technology upgrades. Together these updates will increase reliability and flexibility of […]

Robo Parking Valets & Solar

Solar Industry Predictions

Unless taking public transportation, the headache of parking, especially in larger cities, has become inescapable. Parking garages alleviate this problem to a certain extent, but it can still take what feels like hours to find a spot, especially if it’s for an event that already has limited parking. This problem, however, has started to disappear. […]

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