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Why Carbon Capture Isn’t as Beneficial as Wind & Solar

Solar Policies & Laws

The short-term and long-term impact of climate change both taking place and predicted have been the cause of controversial opinions and arguments. For years the world has relied heavily on fossil fuels to power our lives, but this power generation method isn’t sustainable, and the shift in weather patterns has left many concerned. The question […]

5 Things Real Estate Builders Should Know About Solar Panels

Solar Powered Ideas

Video Transcription Custom Builder Video Introduction and Question As we’ve seen in California, it’s important for builders to stay in the know about this alternative energy source. I spoke with a custom builder and solar panel installer and here are five things they say builders should know. Go Solar Group’s Highlighted Responses Below are Go […]

How the Proposed 2021 EV (Electric Vehicle) Tax Credit Works

Solar Policies & Laws

Taxes can be difficult to understand even at the best of times — just ask half of Americans each April. Even companies can have difficulties with taxes, which is why the Senate Finance Committee is trying to simplify the process for  EVs through the Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator Act. Below are the basics of […]

The Future of Solar Energy

Solar Industry Predictions

Fossil fuels are out and solar energy is in! As solar technology improves and fossil fuels become more scarce, the U.S. – and the world in general – invest more in solar energy to fill the gap. Among renewable energy sources, solar energy is becoming the linchpin: As of 2019, the amount of power collected […]

Fossil Fuels Versus Renewable Energy Subsidies

Solar & the Environment

Some argue that we shouldn’t support solar because the subsidies that make it affordable come from taxpayers. Taxes, however, subsidize a wide range of energy products, not just solar. Let’s shed some light on how energy subsidies work. What Energy Subsidies Do and How they Work A subsidy, according to the World Trade Organization, includes […]

The Impact of Making Climate Change a National Security Threat

Solar & the Environment

When one considers climate change, their first thought is not often, “How does this intersect with national security?” However, the two topics have become intertwined. Threats to American national security, originating both at home and abroad, connect to climate change in multiple ways. The Threats Global Warming Poses Global warming, while not the only form […]

Alternatives to Carbon Tax: Will They Work?

Solar & the Environment

Many solar proponents feel strongly about the benefits of carbon taxes. However, not everyone agrees that this tax best promotes renewables, such as solar energy. Before diving into other options, let’s look at carbon taxes. Understanding what carbon taxes do and why they receive pushback will help us better understand why pro-renewable states should consider […]

Solar and Blockchain Platforms

Solar Industry Predictions

Individuals can generate their power through residential solar. Often, however, when a solar array produces more than it needs, the utility pays less per watt than they charge their customers.  This excess energy goes onto the grid and then on to neighboring homes in the area. Neighbors who don’t have solar, but want to participate […]

6 Steps to Valuable Solar Architecture

Solar Powered Ideas

These six inspired solar architecture ideas will increase the value of your home regardless of your reason for implementing them. Adding solar to a pre-existing home can limit the solar panel options. However, that doesn’t invalidate these methods. Installing solar on a pre-existing home can increase its value while saving the homeowner thousands on electricity bills. […]

Solar Power Facts from Solar Energy Experts

Solar Powered Ideas

When considering solar power for a home, all the aspects need consideration. While solar is a financially sound decision for homeowners, solar energy experts know that other facts, along with the ROI of solar, make photovoltaics a sound investment.   Saving money may be one of the main reasons individuals and companies invest in solar. However, it […]

Defining the Renewable Energy Portfolio

Solar & the Environment

In America, energy portfolios help make solar a viable option, but not everyone knows what this term means. Every industry has terminology that is only understood within it. These terms can be detrimental when the terminology impacts others outside the industry. Renewable Energy Portfolios are one of these terms. A Renewable Energy Portfolio is more than a […]

The Green New Deal and Residential Solar

Solar Policies & Laws

The recent hyper-focus on global warming has brought with it a national push for the Green New Deal. The idea of the Green New Deal, however, isn’t that new. The idea of becoming less fossil fuel dependent first came to light in the 1970s. However, the phrase “Green New Deal” was first used by Thomas […]

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