Home Generators vs Solar Batteries


More homeowners are shopping for home generators or solar battery-backup systems amid a rise in severe storms, power outages, and grid shutdowns. In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, emergency preparedness has become top-of-mind for both normal homeowners and solar-powered homeowners alike. Home generators powered by diesel fuel, propane, or natural gas can keep refrigerated food from […]

Overcoming DC Optimization Challenges

Solar Inverter

Solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity from the sun, but homes in the United States don’t run on DC; they run on alternating current (AC). To power a home, DC needs to invert to AC power. The inverter is the part of the solar equipment that completes this function. Why String Inverters Need Optimization If […]

Monofacial Versus Bifacial Monocrystalline Modules

Most Efficient Solar Panels

Solar panels determine how much energy a solar array absorbs. A solar panel rated for 200 watts can’t produce more than 200 watts of electricity per hour. As time has progressed, solar panels have become more robust. The average electrical output of solar panels ranges between 250 and 400 watts. These solar panels have an […]

Using the Nest E Smart Thermostat With Solar

Solar Plus

The Nest Thermostat E allows homeowners and businesses to take their energy consumption habits into their own hands. Combining these two devices helps decrease pollution, saves customers money, and increases self-sufficiency. It makes sense to add smart thermostats to homes that already draw most or all of their power from the sun. How Smart Thermostats […]

The Tesla Powerwall: How It Works

Solar Panels With Battery Backup

Although Tesla is known for its electric vehicles, its solar product line has gained significant traction. Many people are excited about the company’s solar shingles and home battery. Although solar shingles are struggling to take off, its home battery is rated one of the best on the market. Taking a look at the Powerwall illustrates […]

Generators vs Solar Powered Battery Backup


There are several different energy storage solutions. Not all these solutions, however, are ideal for homeowners. Currently, two competitors have piqued the interest of energy-conscious homeowners. These competitors include generators and battery backup in conjunction with solar. Solar Battery Backup Options Because of the way solar panels work, an array needs additional equipment to store excess solar […]

How-To Guide for Neurio Solar Monitoring: PWRview


The PWRview app has replaced the Neurio app, and although the setup looks a little different, the structure is the same.  Monitoring energy consumption and production gives residential solar customers control over their energy, which is one reason why there are many monitoring options on the market. Some of these technologies integrate into the inverter […]

What an Inverter Does for Solar

Solar Inverter

Last Updated: March 2, 2021 While solar panels get a lot of attention, other elements go into a solar array. An inverter is one of these components. A solar inverter switches the solar power generated by the solar panels to a usable current so you can power your home. What Is a Solar Inverter? A […]

When Purchasing Battery Backup Is a Good Option


There are many reasons to purchase battery backup. However, if someone uses the wrong backup option, it can lead to a negative experience with the product. Battery backup is a great tool; it helps people meet their energy needs. Finding a battery backup that fits the energy needs of the situation is necessary. Here are […]

An Inside Look at EIA’s Hourly Electric Grid Monitor

Solar Plus

What is the appeal of hourly electric grid monitoring? At first glance, this information may seem irrelevant — at least for the average joe looking for residential solar. However, it actually can be quite useful. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a beta of their new website in August of 2019. One of the […]

Combining Energy Efficient Roofing With Photovoltaics

Solar Plus

Installing solar on a home is a great way to decrease power bills. However, if they are combined with an energy-efficient roof, it can maximize savings and environmental impact. Although solar panels can be installed on just about any roofing material, some combine better with solar arrays than others. What sets these roofing materials apart […]

Travel Trailers and Solar on the Side

Solar Panels for RVs

For many adventurers, using a camper means more than the occasional glamping trip. It’s a lifestyle. They travel from one place to the next instead of staying in a stationary home. Many of these nomads boondock somewhere. When an RV parks off-grid for extended periods, it’s called boondocking. Since these campsites don’t have water, sewer, […]

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