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Beat the Heat With Battery Backup

San Antonio Solar+ & Battery Backup

In Texas, particularly its bigger cities, power continuity is an issue. Hot summers make it difficult for utilities to keep up with the energy demand. While ERCOT has an energy alert system in place for these locations, it doesn’t guarantee power continuity. Instead, ERCOT has scheduled power outages throughout the impacted areas. Scheduled power outages are […]

Why Texas’s Grid Is Built for EVs & Backup

San Antonio Solar+ & Battery Backup

Why San Antonio’s grid capacity will prove an undeniable point about the future of renewable energy around the world. Did you know you could power New York City for nearly 32 days with the excess solar energy Texas produces on its power grid in a single day? I’ll take all this leftover power to shed […]

Future of Electric Vehicles in San Antonio

San Antonio Solar+ & Battery Backup

San Antonio’s population is growing, which increases transportation needs and pollution levels. If we don’t do something about it, this could become a large problem for San Antonio citizens.  San Antonio’s Transportation Plan In anticipation of the expected increase in population, San Antonio has implemented a five-year transportation plan. This plan has a variety of measures meant to […]

Solar Power and San Antonio: DoD Perspective

San Antonio Solar+ & Battery Backup

Time to take notice that the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has continued to take great measures to protect our security, and the security of their bases worldwide, from severe weather conditions for many years now. As weather patterns naturally change, the protectors of our great nation are getting even more prepared for altering […]

How Powerwall Helps Solar Homes in San Antonio

San Antonio Solar+ & Battery Backup

When Go Solar Group first started installing solar, they realized something was missing. People who got solar weren’t being protected against blackouts. Many think that they have nothing to worry about when they install solar. The assumption that solar will be there in a blackout is only true when the customer has the right system […]

Solar Screens in San Antonio: How They Compare

San Antonio Solar+ & Battery Backup

In San Antonio, escaping the heat is a necessity. Many Texans experience high energy bills as a result. One way many have decided to solve this problem is through solar screens. Solar Screens for Windows in San Antonio Solar screens are normally placed outside your window. This is to prevent the window from heating up […]

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