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Energy Production & San Antonio Solar Savings

San Antonio Solar Savings

Like everything else in Texas, energy consumption and production are bigger. As an energy-exporting state with numerous surrounding areas relying on the Lone Star State’s energy production, the need for solar panels in San Antonio and other larger metropolises throughout the state is growing. But renewable energy is nothing new here. Texas took the lead […]

How To Leverage CPS Energy’s Calculator With Solar Estimates

San Antonio Solar Savings

CPS has an energy cost calculator that gives an estimate of how much electricity would cost through this utility. The tool allows customers to determine how much their bill is going to be, so they can financially prepare for payments. This calculator, however, is a basic estimate. It doesn’t account for utility rate increases, city […]

Solar Cost and Savings Factors for San Antonio Homeowners

San Antonio Solar Savings

If San Antonio’s potential solar buyers only looked at solar costs, no one would buy it. However, that is a bit like looking at any other investment without considering the returns it can provide, especially since many solar companies offer zero-down payment programs. Since solar energy is a home improvement item with multifaceted benefits, the […]

How Electricity Usage Impacts Texas Solar Savings

San Antonio Solar Savings

Electricity use is dependent on the area the home is in. Large homes in moderate climates need the same or less energy as small homes in extreme climates. San Antonio Texas is known for its extremely hot weather and winters that aren’t much better. These weather conditions increase Texans’ household energy use. Over 80 percent […]

Explaining San Antonio Solar Calculator Estimates

San Antonio Solar Savings

Although the top producer of wind energy, San Antonio is known for being in a sunshine state. In fact, San Antonio panels at an average tilt at latitude (ATaL) receive an average of 5.21 kWh/m2/day. Whether solar is a good option for you, however, is dependent on a variety of factors. Solar calculators will give […]

Why San Antonio Homeowners Shouldn’t Get Leased Solar Panels

San Antonio Solar Savings

Leased solar is very popular. Popular, however, doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. There are some fundamental flaws with leasing solar that have caused the solar industry to get a bad rap. GVEC Requires San Antonio Solar Customers To Purchase Their Solar Array Which utility currently supplies your power plays a large […]

How Do I Save More With Solar in San Antonio?

San Antonio Solar Savings

To get the most out of a San Antonio solar array, quality solar panels are key. Quality solar panels with optimized efficiency, however, is even better. While solar arrays don’t need maintenance to keep running, several things can enhance solar panel efficiency. Some of these things include regular solar panel cleaning, high-quality solar products paired […]

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