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San Antonio Renewable Energy Act and Credits

San Antonio Solar Incentives

The Public Utility Regulatory Act is Title 2 of Texas’s Public Utility Code, which pertains to solar power in that area. This section details the restructuring of San Antonio’s electricity market.   In 2005, Senate Bill 20 amended the Public Utility Regulatory Act. As a result, Texas’s renewable energy goals increased to 10,000 Megawatts by 2025.  In 2007, […]

2021 CPS Solar Rebates: What You Need To Know

San Antonio Solar Incentives

Rebates for San Antonio residents make solar an affordable option. In Texas, there aren’t any state rebates. Residents only have federal and utility rebates to help them out. Texans can still benefit from the savings from the federal solar tax credit. However, the absence of state incentives means residents depend more on utility rates.  Regulated utilities […]

San Antonio Peak Sun Hours: a Strong Solar Incentive

San Antonio Solar Incentives

Peak sun hours and the tilt of the solar panels are factors that impact San Antonio solar generation. Because solar arrays are reliant on sunlight for the production of energy, the amount of power coming from the same number and type of panels varies, which is why San Antonio’s sun exposure matters. Solar panels that […]

Texas Senate Bill 2066: It’s Impact on Residential Solar

San Antonio Solar Incentives

Texans interested in solar have faced numerous city restrictions. These restrictions make it difficult for those who want solar on their homes to get it. To help alleviate this struggle, Senate Bill 2066 is one among several energy bills presented in the 86th legislative session. How Senate Bill 2066 will Help Solar Customers This bill […]

Texas’s Most Overlooked Reason To Go Solar

San Antonio Solar Incentives

In order to get the most you possibly can out of solar, you need to take advantage of all your available incentives. Texas solar incentives are largely dependent on your state’s renewable energy policy. Let’s take a look at the major solar policy determinants in Texas. Texas Solar Panel Laws In Texas, the electric market […]

San Antonio Solar: Municipal Advantages for Residents

San Antonio Solar Incentives

San Antonio has been blessed by having a forward-thinking, municipally owned energy utility, CPS Energy and a citizenry with open minds that are supportive and understanding of the need for renewable energy. Now, San Antonio is the only Texas city rated as a top ten for solar capacity in the USA. Surprisingly, Austin is only […]

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