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Is 100% Solar Offset Possible for my Texas Home?

San Antonio Solar FAQs

Reaching an offset of 100 percent is harder than it looks and sounds. While many Texas homeowners own solar homes, most don’t have 100 percent offset. To most, the notion of less than 100 percent offset is ludicrous, but there are multiple reasons for it. Some of these reasons include available space for panels, solar […]

Is Home Solar Worth It in San Antonio?

San Antonio Solar FAQs

Because of the push for more solar, installations have popped up everywhere. For Texans, however, the choice to invest in something isn’t determined by popularity. Texans don’t follow blindly like a bunch of sheep off a cliff. Instead, we carve our paths and make our unique brand stand out in the crowd. That is why […]

Will Backyard Solar Panels Fit my Texas Home?

San Antonio Solar FAQs

Not every San Antonio home qualifies for solar, but that doesn’t mean your yard won’t. If rooftop solar isn’t a good fit for your home, then ground mounts may be a viable option. Here are some of the situations that make ground mounts worth considering. The reason ground mounts are a popular option for homeowners […]

Most Common FAQs for San Antonio Solar

San Antonio Solar FAQs

San Antonio is a unique city in the solar landscape of Texas. The fact that this city has many cooperatives that service San Antonio and the surrounding areas mean that solar is different in this city than in other places in Texas. To navigate the terrain, let’s look at some common San Antonio solar questions […]

9 Important Answers to Texas Solar Questions

San Antonio Solar FAQs

San Antonio is a unique city in the solar landscape of Texas. Learn how the city’s role in solar affects you as a citizen in search of renewable energy solutions. 1. How Does Texas Electric Deregulation Apply To Solar? Since 2002, Texas has started implementing deregulation in the electric market. This means that most Texans […]

Do I Qualify for San Antonio Solar?

San Antonio Solar FAQs

If you’re a San Antonio solar resident who wants to save money on your electric bill, solar can help you — if you qualify, that is. Although the appeal of saving money with solar is enticing, not everyone can get it. Do you have what it takes? Taxable Income Affects Your Texas Solar Purchase The […]

Can My Solar Panels Survive a Texas Hail Storm?

San Antonio Solar FAQs

The solar industry has been booming, but Texas gets some pretty monstrous hail storms. The people of San Antonio need to know if solar is an investment that is worth the risk. Solar Panel Hail Impact Tests Solar manufacturers are aware that panels around the world experience different weather extremes. And yet they still guarantee […]

What Are Solar ‘Smart Grids’ for in Texas?

San Antonio Solar FAQs

With innovation comes change. In the past couple of years, renewable technologies, such as solar, have become available to the general public. These technologies allow small businesses and homeowners to generate their own power. This increase in distributed generation has created a problem for the current grid infrastructure. Utilities now have to compensate for the energy […]

Should I Buy Used Solar Panels in San Antonio?

San Antonio Solar FAQs

For years solar technology has been unaffordable for the general public. Within the last decade, however, solar panel prices have had a drastic price drop. The price drop and local photovoltaic incentives have made solar cheaper than ever. With resale value and utility savings, solar has become an investment worth considering. Many people are now […]

What’s the Purpose of Solar “Blockchains” In San Antonio?

San Antonio Solar FAQs

The solar energy industry is constantly evolving, and blockchain is adding a heap of disruptive advantages that will be favorable to residential solar producers and consumers. What was once a push and pull between the supply and demand side of solar will likely even out in one of the Lone Star State’s most technologically progressive […]

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